Hit for six.

I wish I was talking about a tipster who was picking winners galore and metaphorically smashing the ball out of the ground.  But I’m not.  Oh, no.  I’m talking about how some sort of horrible virus or other hit me right out of the ground!

I don’t do sick.  Seriously, I don’t agree with it.  Nasty, horrible things, viruses.  They have no place here and as such I try to have absolutely nothing to do with them.  Nope – much better to avoid them and pretend they don’t exist, and largely, this approach works.

But not this time!  About a week after Cheltenham I started feeling not so good, and then Bang!  The next thing I know I can hardly move; stuck in bed, aching like I’ve never ached before, not even able to do the most important thing in all life (watch the Arsenal), never mind do any of the more mundane things like eat or drink.  Even the Missus had to admit this wasn’t a bad cold, or even man-flu!

Anyway, enough of my troubles.  Suffice to say that my betting took a bit of a pause, as obviously, did updating this blog!  For which I can only apologise and tell you that I’m now in the process of updating the figures for when I was betting, and bringing everything right back to speed again.

So here’s the plan.  Tomorrow, I’ll provide you with a March review, and then over the weekend I’ll post up an update that includes what there has been of April’s betting.

Right now it’s time to grab something to eat, a beer, and to settle down to watch the Arsenal.  I guess you can tell I’m feeling better. 🙂

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