GOLF: The luckiest win ever?!?

I’ve been betting a fair while now, but never do I think I’ve been more fortunate than I was with Patrick Cantlay – Weekly Golf Value’s pick at 22/1 – winning the PGA Tour event on Sunday.  Always up near the top of the leaderboard, when I checked the standings on Saturday night I saw that Cantlay was in second place, six shots (yes six!) off the leader Jon Rahm, who had posted an exceptional third round to shoot clear.  I went to sleep hoping that Cantlay wouldn’t blow up and lose a place return on the each way bet.

Come Sunday morning, and I get a message from a mate of mine who also bets on golf, that simply said, “you lucky *so and so*, Cantlay could win!”.  Not sure what he was on about, I checked the PGA Tour website, and there it was.  Rahm had been diagnosed as having Covid during that third round.  Poor fella was told as soon as he had finished that round and was forced to withdraw from the tournament so that he could isolate.  So now I’m left with Cantlay in a share for the lead heading into the final round!

If that wasn’t lucky enough, it then looked as if Cantlay was going to come off second best to Morikawa, incidentally tipped up by Golf Insider.  But a 23 foot putt on the 17th drew him level (skill I guess, but has to be an element of luck from that distance, doesn’t there?) and into a playoff.  Playoffs.   50:50 affairs, I reckon.  The golfing equivalent to a penalty shoot out.  Certainly it could go either way.

Cantlay won at the first extra hole.  A guy six shots off the lead going into the final day, the benefactor of the runaway leader’s Covid diagnosis, forcing a play off with an extra long putt, and then winning the play off.  When your luck is in, it really is in.

A place too for PGA Profit – luckily had eight places on a 100/1 shot that tied with two others for sixth.  Do the maths.

It was my lucky week.

Golf Insider (200pt bank): Staked 167pts, -20.134pts, roi -12.05%, roc -10.06%, High 14.35pts, CDD: -34.484pts, Max DD: -60.715pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 413pts, +99.73pts, roi 24.14%, roc 19.94%, High +178.5pts, CDD: -78.77pts, Max DD: -115.77pts

Weekly Golf Value (2,000): 3,599pts, +1,645.61pts, roi 45.72%, roc 82.28%, High 1,928.81pts, CDD: -283.2pts, Max DD: -461.8pts.

Golf Totals: ROI 33.16%, ROC 43.6%

*ROI – Return On investment, ROC – Return On Capital (ie. bank growth), CDD – Current Drawdown, Max DD – Maximum Drawdown

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