GOLF: THAT’S more like it!!!

The golfing portfolio took a decent step forward this week with PGA Profit and Weekly Golf Value both finding play-off winner Sam Burns at 30/1 over in the US, and Golf Insider tipping up DP Tour victor Victor (Roger, Roger!*) Perez at 50/1!

That win has wiped out a significant chunk of the losses Golf Insider had so far suffered this year, and had I backed the 80/1 winner of the lowest score in the final round market they tipped on Sunday, I think I might actually have eradicate them completely.

As for PGA Profit, well, they are on some kind of run now picking three tournament winners in just the past month!  That’s fabulous tipping in anyone’s book, and it has shown just how quickly things can turn around for a golf tipster who might be experiencing a bit of a slump.  We’ve gone from -127 points to +119 points in four weeks, and PGA Profit is now running at a near 30% ROI for the year for me.

As for Weekly Golf Value, the ytd ROI figure of 45% speaks for their excellence.  The only slight nagging worry is that we seem to have been on the right side of numerous play-offs, and the pessimist in me tells me that the positive variance will turn negative at some point.  Let’s not worry too much about that just yet though, eh?

Golf Insider (200pt bank): Staked 197pts, -12.635pts, roi -6.27%, roc -6.31%, High 29.24pts, DD -41.875pts, Max DD -76.35pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 407.5pts, +119.24pts, roi 29.26%, roc 23.84%, High 119.24pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -127.01pts

European Tour (500): Staked 81.5pts, -65pts, roi -79.75%, roc -13%. High 0pts, DD -65pts, Max DD -65pts

Ben Coley (600): Staked 496pts, -110.79pts, roi -22.33%, roc -18.46%, High 79.93pts, DD -190.72pts, Max DD -190.72pts

Tour Tips (150): Staked 108pts, -23.87pts, roi -22.1%, roc -15.91%, High 19.614pts, DD -43.85pts, Max DD -43.85pts

Weekly Golf Value (2000): Staked 2,037.5pts, +926.85pts, roi 45.48%, roc 46.34%, High 1,136.72pts, DD -209.87pts, Max DD -435.75pts

The Rainmaker (400): Staked 506pts, -277.4pts, roi -54.82%, roc -69.35%, High 5.2pts, DD: -282.6pts, Max DD -282.6pts

Golf totals: ROI -7.49%, ROC -6.03%

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