GOLF: Oh dear!

Another losing week on the golf, and I think it’s time to admit that this year so far has been deeply disappointing.  Weekly Golf Value, despite drawing a blank this week just gone, is the honourable exception and is going along extremely well at 35.13% ROI.  No complaints there.

But this week was another poor week for The Rainmaker, and I’m afraid I’ve done my bank.  Rather typically, I used one of the books offering only five places on the rebel LIV Golf Invitational event, at greater odds to those being offered by one particular bookmaker who was paying down to 7th.  Where did Kokrak finish?  Yep, 7th!

I’m pretty sure that despite the performance so far this year, The Rainmaker is a tipster who knows what he is doing.  But one rule I made for myself years ago – in the midst of a somewhat existential debate about when you should stop following a service or continue with it – was that if I reach a drawdown point equal to the size betting bank assigned to it, I’d stop.  Backing Kokrak to finish top 5 instead of top 7 essentially did for me.

I always have a feeling of sadness when this happens, which thankfully is not that often at all.  But it is what it is, and there’s no point in dwelling.

Golf Insider (200pt bank): Staked 319pts, -55.335pts, roi -17.34%, roc -27.66%, High 29.24pts, DD -84.575pts, Max DD -92.525pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 642.5pts, +0.14pts, roi 0.02%, roc 0.02%, High 119.24pts, DD -119.1pts, Max DD -133.1pts

European Tour (500): Staked 81.5pts, -65pts, roi -79.75%, roc -13%. High 0pts, DD -65pts, Max DD -65pts

Ben Coley (600): Staked 496pts, -110.79pts, roi -22.33%, roc -18.46%, High 79.93pts, DD -190.72pts, Max DD -190.72pts

Tour Tips (150): Staked 165.5pts, -23.52pts, roi -14.21%, roc -15.68%, High 19.614pts, DD -43.55pts, Max DD -79.25pts

Weekly Golf Value (2000): Staked 3,368.5pts, +1,183.56pts, roi 35.13%, roc 59.17%, High 1,464.65pts, DD -281.09pts, Max DD -435.75pts

The Rainmaker (400): Staked 1010.5pts, -400.08pts, roi -39.59%, roc -100.02%, High 5.2pts, DD: -405.68pts, Max DD -405.68pts

Golf Total: ROI -10.51%, ROC -19.42%.

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