GOLF: Nothing to see here.

very quiet week on the golf, with no PGA Tour event for our guys to have a go at.

With just Golf Insider and Weekly Golf Value in action, and each picking one to place from their respective selections, it was just a very small loss for each and overall.  That doesn’t quite tell the whole story as WGV’s pick, George Coetzee, was joint top of the leaderboard when triple bogeying the 4th hold from home.  What. A. Muppet!

Golf Insider (200pt bank): Staked 341pts, -56.235pts, roi -16.49%, roc -28.11%, High 29.24pts, DD -85.475pts, Max DD -92.525pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 677.5pts, -13.86pts, roi -2.04%, roc -2.77%, High 119.24pts, DD -133.1pts, Max DD -136.1pts

European Tour (500): Staked 81.5pts, -65pts, roi -79.75%, roc -13%. High 0pts, DD -65pts, Max DD -65pts

Ben Coley (600): Staked 496pts, -110.79pts, roi -22.33%, roc -18.46%, High 79.93pts, DD -190.72pts, Max DD -190.72pts

Tour Tips (150): Staked 171.5pts, -29.52pts, roi -17.21%, roc -19.68%, High 19.614pts, DD -49.55pts, Max DD -79.25pts

Weekly Golf Value (2000): Staked 3,776.5pts, +971.56pts, roi 25.72%, roc 48.57%, High 1,464.65pts, DD -493.09pts, Max DD -493.09pts

The Rainmaker (400): Staked 1010.5pts, -400.08pts, roi -39.59%, roc -100.02%, High 5.2pts, DD: -405.68pts, Max DD -405.68pts

Golf Totals: ROI -11.89%, ROC -22.96%.

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