GOLF: An overdue good week, and Golf Insider hits a winner!

I don’t know about you but during the tougher times, I often look out for little things that might signify a corner being turned.  A fluke goal in the 90th minute, your outsider holding off the strongly closing short favourite who’d got off to a slow start and then met trouble in running by a short head,…you get the point.

Well, getting paid out at Ladbrokes on the 8th spot in the DP Tour event this week on Paul Waring turned an already good week for Golf Insider into an even better one, and rescued what would have been a bad week for Weekly Golf Value.  I’ll take it!

Callum Shinkwin was another 20/1 winner for Golf Insider, who also had Andy Sullivan place at 66/1 in the same tournament, so despite blanking over in the States, this was a good week for GI.  Frankly, it needed one, and I really hope this is the start of a good run that will quickly eradicate this year’s losses and get the service back on track once again.

I couldn’t shake off the feeling that PGA Profit didn’t quite catch the breaks this week.  Backing the wrong Kim (ok, I take it that’s not unlucky), advising 2nd place finisher Sung-Jae Im win-only, and getting the place return on a 150/1 shot shared between about 33 golfers just feels a bit unlucky.

*Edit: I believe Si-Woo Kim (the wrong Kim actually withdrew – money back!)

And finally, I really felt for The Rainmaker, who hit another 2nd place (this time at 40s) in Connor Syme.  A break even week, but goodness a win would feel good for this service right now!

Golf Insider (200pt bank): Staked 291pts, -47.685pts, roi -16.38%, roc -23.84%, High 29.24pts, DD -76.925pts, Max DD -92.525pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 573.5pts, +24.14pts, roi 4.2%, roc 4.82%, High 119.24pts, DD -95.1pts, Max DD -127.01pts

European Tour (500): Staked 81.5pts, -65pts, roi -79.75%, roc -13%. High 0pts, DD -65pts, Max DD -65pts

Ben Coley (600): Staked 496pts, -110.79pts, roi -22.33%, roc -18.46%, High 79.93pts, DD -190.72pts, Max DD -190.72pts

Tour Tips (150): Staked 153.5pts, -57.77pts, roi -37.63%, roc -38.51%, High 19.614pts, DD -77.75pts, Max DD -79.25pts

Weekly Golf Value (2000): Staked 3,026.5pts, +1,401.15pts, roi 46.29%, roc 70.05%, High 1,464.65pts, DD -63.5pts, Max DD -435.75pts

The Rainmaker (400): Staked 841.5pts, -332.05pts, roi -39.45%, roc -83.01%, High 5.2pts, DD: -337.25pts, Max DD -338pts

Golf Totals: ROI -10.11%, ROC -16.66%


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