GOLF: A week to forget!

As a whole, the golf portfolio is struggling to perform at the moment in a way that I’ve not known it to since I started betting on the sport with any level of seriousness.  After a completely blank week, with no golfer I’d backed landing in the places, five of the seven services are on their worst drawdown for the year to date.  The two that aren’t are European Tour which because of the lack of tournaments on the DP Tour haven’t issued a pick for weeks, and Ben Coley, who took a week off following the exertions of The Masters.

Here are the ROC figures for 2022 to date for each of those in their deepest drawdown:

Golf Insider: -15.8%, PGA Profit -21.6%, Tour Tips -25.57%, Weekly Golf Value 37.73%, The Rainmaker -25.95%.

Clearly Weekly Golf Value is the outlier as it is coming down from a previously impressive high point, and what we’re seeing is essentially a reversion to the mean, a correction, call it what you will.  And that is where the hope springs from, because as that one falls towards their longer term ROI figure, we’re expecting the underperforming services to rise towards theirs.  What we don’t know of course, is when that will happen.

And that is why bank management and a steadfast mentality is so important to our long term chances of success.

Golf Insider (200pt bank): Staked 138pts, -31.61pts, roi -22.9%, roc -15.8%, High 29.24pts, DD -60.85pts, Max DD -60.85pts

PGA Profit (500): Staked 272.5pts, -108.01pts, roi -39.63%, roc -21.6%, High 0pts, DD -108.01pts, Max DD -108.01pts

European Tour (500): Staked 56.5pts, -40pts, roi -70.79%, roc -8%. High 0pts, DD -40pts, Max DD -47.5pts

Ben Coley (600): Staked 336pts, -18.29pts, roi -5.44%, roc -3.04%, High 79.93pts, DD -98.22pts, Max DD -109.92pts

Tour Tips (150): Staked 84pts, -21.486pts, roi -25.57%, roc -14.32%, High 19.614pts, DD -41.1pts, Max DD -41.1pts

Weekly Golf Value (2000): Staked 1,447.5pts, +754.72pts, roi 52.13%, roc 37.73%, High 1,136.72pts, DD -382pts, Max DD -382pts

The Rainmaker (400): Staked 265.5pts, -103.8pts, roi -39.09%, roc -25.95%, High 5.2pts, DD: -109pts, Max DD -109pts

Golf Totals: ROI -13.15%, ROC -7.03%.

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