Glad to see the back of February.

Right, I’ve managed to bring all the figures up to date up to and including yesterday, the last day of the second month of the year.  And it’s fair to say that February in particular has been a bit crap and as a result the year itself hasn’t really got going yet.

Here are the numbers:

BB Golf Tracker: Staked 1,225pts, -204.16pts, roi -16.69%.

PGA Profit: Staked 38pts, -33.06pts, roi -87%.

Edwards Tips (Golf): Staked 255pts, -204.18pts, roi 80.07%.

BB Lucky 15s: Staked 55pts, -15.15pts, roi -27.72%.

BB Football Coupons: Staked 48.5pts, -14.12pts, roi -29.12%.

NFL: Staked 100pts, +367.13pts, roi +367.13%.

DD/HH: Staked 473pts, +351.75pts, roi 74.36%.

TOTAL ROI: -16.52%.

It really hasn’t been a great month at all.  Only the Double Delight/Hat Trick Heaven bets have generated a profit, and when you look at the ROI figures for each strand of the portfolios it doesn’t make for pretty viewing.

Let’s break it all down a bit though.

To be fair to PGA Profit and Edwards Tips, it’s really only been a couple of golf tournaments covered and so the sample size as it were, is very small.  And to be fair to the others, two months of betting is really nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Just as I’m telling myself that the hot streak that has been enjoyed by DD/HH can’t possibly last, nor should the cold streaks of everything else.  Of course the psychology of this is interesting – it is very easy to pessimistically view the bets that are going great guns (ie. they’re due a downturn) AND pessimistically view the losing bets (are they EVER going to turn around).  So, the best approach to my eyes is not to ponder on the psychology and just keep betting!

Looking back at my figures last year, this drawdown in its entirety is almost exactly equal that of my largest drawdown suffered in 2022.  There’s nothing other than short term negative variance hitting here, I reckon.  And in each of themselves, the different sources of bets have hardly reached a crisis point in their own individual banks.  The Lucky 15 bank is only 15% down, the Football Coupons less than 10%, the Golf Tracker bets just a shade over 10% – it’s just that each are losing simultaneously which makes things a little gloomy.  But we’re an awful long way away from panic stations.

I guess it would be nice to see some returns come through to provide reassurance that I can make a good profit from betting in shops and on exchanges.  I haven’t yet, and like anything, once you’ve seen something work, it’s much easier to have faith.  What I would say is that after a period of adjustment going into the new year, leaving soft, online bookmaker accounts behind me and stepping into a new world, I at last feel settled in my approach and staking.  So now it’s just a case of getting on with it, grinding away, and fingers crossed March will be the start of a decent run.

Let’s see.


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