February Review: Pushing up the profit…

So it’s the end of Month 2 of 2024, and where are we standing?

Well, it could be a lot, lot worse, but the ROI remains a little under the long term 10% target, although a strong second half to February has brought it up considerably.  The figures aren’t quite completely up to date as I’ve a couple of slips to take to the shops to pick up the returns, but they’re as near as dammit.  We’re likely talking a 0.1% difference in overall ROI, either for the good or bad.

I’ve been using the freebie SBC Account Angel service for a few weeks now and have racked up a fair few bets.  I don’t expect to make any money with this service over the long term.  It’s not geared towards being a tipster service, but more a method to utilize in the endless quest to maximize the lifespan of our online bookmaker accounts, so I see the 3.87% ROI I’m currently sitting on as something of a bonus.  I’ll give some more thoughts on the experience of following in a post soon.

The Bookie Bashing Early Pay Out Tracker and the Lucky 15 football bets derived from it have hit another profit high, and (clearly) it’s all going swimmingly at the moment.  Like the previous week, there hasn’t been one outstanding, big win, which I’m hopeful will happen sooner or later.  Rather a nice nine point return on one Lucky 15 and a series of smaller wins that all mounted up.  Obviously a fair number of losing Lucky 15s too, but right now this is proving to be something of a gold mine.  I think there’s something in the offing in the not too distant future from the SBC, delving deeper into this strategy.

By contrast, the horse racing Lucky 15s from the BB Racing Tracker remain in deficit, but encouragingly over 60% of the losses incurred on the way to hitting a drawdown lowpoint, have now been clawed back.  Of course it could dip again, but equally we might hit that big winning ticket that nets 50-100 points in one fell swoop and suddenly we’re admiring a really high ROI.  That will happen, it’s just a matter of when.  This is probably the longest period of drawdown I’ve experienced with these since starting to place the Lucky 15s two years ago.  My faith in them has not been eroded one tiny bit.

The bets taken from the Bookie Bashing Bet Tracker/Combo Tracker and those I find myself (mainly Any Time Goalscorer bets) continue to confound, and in a very good way!  So far through 2024 these have just shaded the Early Pay Out Tracker bets, and in fact this strategy is the most prolific so far in 2024, based on ROI and bank growth.  I keep telling myself they can’t continue in this vein and I’m living in a metaphorical brace position mentality, waiting for the “correction”.  Perhaps I should stop worrying.  But whatever way I look at it, a 30%+ ROI just cannot be sustainable, can it.  I mean…Can it?!?

A small, but steady profit again this weekend from Sys Analyst keeps things ticking over and pushed the profit to a new ytd high again.  Bring on Cheltenham!

And final comment reserved for Golf Betting Club.  No profit as yet, and last week was a fairly poor one by their own admission.  But I really am liking what I’m seeing here, especially the in-form angle that has brought something new to the party.  Needs time, as do all golf tipsters.  This one feels like it will reward patience.

Account Angel: Staked 1,025pts, +39.73pts. ROI 3.87%

Bookie Bashing Early Pay Out Tracker: Staked 2,655pts, +471.39pts, ROI 17.75%, ROC 31.42%

Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker/Weekly Golf Value: Staked 1,142.5pts, -118.37pts, ROI: -12.2%, ROC: -7.89%

Golf (Win Only): Staked 150pts, -150pts, ROI -100%, ROC -15%

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 2,100pts, -152pts, ROI: -7.23%, ROC: -10.13%.

Bookie Bashing Value Bets Tracker: Staked 1,709pts, +509.9pts, ROI: 29.83%, ROC: 33.99%

DD/HH: Staked 226.5pts, +19.5pts, ROI: 8.6%, ROC: 1.95%.

Golf Betting Club: Staked 440.5pts, -127.38pts, ROI -28.91%, ROC -8.49%

NFL strategy: Staked 94.5pts, +95.45pts, ROI: 101%, ROC: 9.54%

Sys Analyst: Staked 598.4pts, +276.81pts, ROI: 46.25%, ROC: 18.45%

Touchdown Profit: Staked 120pts, +75.44pts, ROI: 62.86%, ROC: 7.54%

TOTAL ROI: 8.27%




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