Dormancy fees, minimum liabilities, and a dreadful Saturday.

£800!?!  In ‘Dormancy’ Fees!!!

We all get wound up by companies who treat their customers with a lack of respect, impoliteness, or incompetence.  We will complain directly to the company if we feel sufficiently aggrieved, or if a serious issue is at stake, we’ll consult an independent arbiter should one exist.  Alternatively we’ll post on social media to publicise the issue (and most large companies now have strategies in place for minimizing the collateral damage of negative social media campaigning against them) or, in extreme cases, we may go to court to seek legal redress.

I can’t help thinking that if a bookmaker help over £1,000 of my funds in an account, denied me access to those funds on the back of some spurious excuse, denied me the right to at the very least log-in to my online account, and then charge me £800 – yes, £800! – in dormancy fees, I might try the courts.  Let’s face it, I don’t think you need to be a crack, hot shot lawyer to gain a sympathetic ear from a County Court judge when you explain you’ve been charged £800 for not using funds you have deposited with a company, that that company has subsequently denied  you any access to whatsoever!

This is exactly what has happened to one Ladbrokes customer who hasn’t had access to his account since 2014 but has been charge extortionate dormancy fees (since repaid). I can’t help thinking there must be more to this.  If not, and we take the facts of the case at face value, then ‘scandalous’ isn’t the word!

New push for ‘Minimum Bet’ laws.

It was fascinating to read that MPs are taking up the case for Parliament to impose minimum bet liabilities on bookmakers in this country.  Were such a campaign to prove successful, it would be the most significant thing to affect UK punters since Pinnacle withdrew from the British market (but in a good way this time).

Fingers crossed this is the beginning of radical change and that before too long, the bookies are forced into playing fair.  No doubt if they are, we can wave goodbye to BOG and other offerings and concessions, but that shouldn’t affect us value-seekers, right?

A quite dreadful Saturday

January’s punting has felt a bit of a struggle, truth be told.  A lack of quality racing mixed in with horrible weather and very little daylight always makes this post-Christmas period  bit of a drudge.  However, I was getting by, eking out some profit and it was enough for me to grit my teeth and focus on the sunnier and warmer days to come.

And then Saturday hit.  A shocker, and it’s put me in a position where I’m looking at a month producing a loss for the first time in what seems like ages…

AH Edge: Staked 32pts, -3.648pts, ROI -11.4%, ROC -6.08%.

Racing Service C: Staked 7pts, +1.26pts, ROI 18%, ROC 1.26%.

Football Service 1: Staked 15pts, -3.526pts, ROI -23.51%, ROC -7.05%.

Jason James: Staked 62pts, +4.899pts, ROI 7.9%, ROC 2.44%.

MVS (Lite): Staked 26pts, -13.583pts, ROI -52.24%, ROC -13.58%.

MVS (Multiples): Staked 46pts, -29.17pts, ROI -63.41%, ROC -7.29%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 43.75pts, -9.863pts, ROI -22.54%, ROC -12.32%.

Pilelist Racing: Staked 22.833pts, +9.691pts, ROI 42.44%, ROC 12.92%.

Racing Service A: Staked 19.25pts, +10.75pts, ROI 55.84%, ROC 17.91%.

Racing Service B: Staked 50.75pts, +10.987pts, ROI 21.64%, ROC 5.49%.

Total for January to date: ROI -2.26%, ROC -0.67%.


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