Come and have a go if you think you’re good enough…

I was reading an article the other evening that was attempting to address the question of whether or not it’s possible to bet full time as a way of making a living.  It wasn’t really this issue that took my interest, more the section of the piece that considered how to create your own edge in the betting markets.

I’ve got to admit, it’s never entered my head to look at identifying my own bets, whether that be on the horses, football, cricket or any other sport you might think to bet on.  And then I asked myself, why not?  I like to think I’m a fairly intelligent chap; certainly I’m not stupid (unlike whoever is in charge of the staff rota at the local supermarket, who thinks it a good idea to put the chattiest, slowest, will-spend-five-minutes-talking-about-the-weather checkout girl on the ‘Express’ lane!).

I digress.

So yes, why not start to create my own edge?  Then I wouldn’t have to worry about odds movements, or paying subs, or that a tipster I’m following doesn’t start to get lazy and cut corners, leading to an inevitable irreversible and catastrophic drawdown.  I might be able to make my methods work on the Exchanges, so bookmaker restrictions don’t come into play and threaten to derail my hopes and plans.  All sounds so good, right?

And then I realized that there was no one single answer to my question of, ‘Why not create my own edge’, but reasons that are too numerous to list exhaustively.

For a start…where would I start?  I mean, ok, so I know how to read the form in the Racing Post, but interpreting what I’m reading is a whole different kettle of sardines.  I can watch a footie match and form an opinion on teams, playing styles, strengths and weaknesses, etc., but translating that into knowing value when I see it is no easy task, is it?  Far better I reckon to debate my opinions down the pub and keep my money for a pint or two than to put my money where my mouth is with the bookies.

But folk do create their own edges, and thank heavens they do, too.  If they didn’t, who would we follow?  How would we make money, whether it be just enough for the odd meal out or to generate a whole second (or even primary) income?

It’s when I go down this thought process a wee bit further that I realize just how much I admire and are thankful to the tipsters I follow.  I reckon that the guys that run the services that the SBC monitor, and which have been proven over the long-term to be successful, must be one of the hardest working group of professionals – in any walk of life – I know.  Seriously, just think for a moment about the amount of work that must go into creating a valid edge over the bookmakers, who pour who knows how much money into ensuring that the errors they make in pricing up the sports markets are kept to an absolute minimum.  How much work on top of that does it take to actually run a successful service efficiently, answering customer queries, requests and demands promptly and politely?

And then ask yourself this…on top of all that hard work, how do these guys cope with the frustrations and stresses that come with the unavoidable losing runs, the near misses, and the complaints and brickbats that are thrown their way by the ignorant and ungrateful as a consequence?

I’m telling you, our proven, tried and tested tipsters are the Saints of the betting world.  If you don’t believe me, go try and find your own way of beating the books.

Figures to follow shortly…

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