Clarity for the NFL Strategy, and I want questions!!!!

You know, I’d love for the second Bet Diary post of the week to become something of a Q&A session.  Anyone can email me at if they have any queries or comments, and I can then address them in here.  I can’t think there would be too many questions that at least a few others wouldn’t mind asking, so please don’t be shy.  It may even open up healthy debate that would benefit everyone and provide food for thought, which is never a bad thing.  So please, do feel free to get in touch.

This past week has seen David getting in touch to ask about the NFL Strategy I use, under the misapprehension it is actually a service.  This is my fault.  I did explain many posts ago where this strategy is from and what it’s based on, but have neglected to do so since, so it’s understandable that there may be some confusion.

In short, the NFL Strategy is free for anyone to read over on the Bookiebashing site (here, in fact).

The strategy is based on finding matches for which the bookies are setting the Total Points line at a fairly low mark, and then using simple maths to identify the value.  The post I’ve pointed you towards explains far better and more clearly than I ever could, so go read.  All I would add is that for a bet that statistically should be around the 5/1 mark, it’s easy to get 8 or 9/1 on the Exchanges and often 10/1 to 12/1 in the bookies, and for a Full Time bet that should be around 10/1, I’m usually getting 15/1 – 16/1 on the Exchanges.

It’s pretty volatile, and the issue is that there isn’t that much action across a full season so you really are at the mercy of variance.  But the fact is that if you’re mentally prepared to accept that it could be a couple of years before the profit comes through, come through it will.  The NFL season is not far off complete now, so I’ll produce an end of season report in a couple of weeks or so.

One NFL service that is a service (!), is Touchdown Profit, and if you’ve been following the Bet Diary recently you’ll know how impressive their season has been.  Fingers crossed they can finish strong.  The service deserves to finish this NFL year on a high.

Right, then.  I’m expecting questions from now on.  Lots and lots of questions.  So get at it!


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