Back to the start.

So with the two golf winners the losing run was stopped and losses regained, so that from 1st April and after a few thousands of pounds staked, my overall profit and loss balance is essentially back to £0.  I guess with the proceeds made I might be able to buy a sandwich from the ‘Reduced’ section of Sainsbury’s (other supermarkets are available) that you find at the end of each day.  Or maybe not.

Not complaining.  Can’t complain when you have two of your tipsters throwing up winners on the golf.  But it would be really nice to push on.  This year has definitely lagged behind last year to date, and it would be good to land a few good wins (he says, stating the absolute obvious!).

I had an email from a reader that addressed my strategy on the Lucky 15s and the relatively low turnover I’m achieving at the moment.  He made some really good points, and I’ll look to address these in next Monday’s Bet Diary post.  So tune in then.

In the meantime, here are the figures to date:

Betting 2023-24

DD/HH: Staked 50.15pts, -12.8pts, roi -25.52%, High: 3.05pts, DD: -15.85pts, Max DD: -15.85pts.

Edwards Tips: Staked 13.05pts, -0.375pts, roi -2.87%, High: 3.65pts, DD: -4.025pts, Max DD: -5.126pts.

Football Coupons: Staked 13pts, +10.564pts, roi 81.23%, High: 14.03pts, DD: -3.466pts, Max DD: -4.589pts.

Golf: Staked 1,486pts, -188.63pts, roi -12.69%, High: 0pts, DD: -188.63pts, Max DD: -581.59pts.

Lucky 15s: Staked 70pts, +4.65pts, roi 7.02%, High: 12.554pts, DD: -7.904pts, Max DD: -9.123pts.


PGA Profit: Staked 111pts, -17.372pts, roi -15.65%, High: 37.704pts, DD: -55.076pts, Max DD: -55.076pts.

Value Bets: Staked 30.5pts, +7.4pts, roi 24.26%, High: 16.9pts, DD: -9.5pts, Max DD: -9.5pts.

TOTAL: roi 0.14%


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