April Review

April was a really weird month.  It’s been the betting equivalent of going to rural India in an attempt to “find yourself”, as I’ve tinkered with this, messed with that, and tried the other.

The reason for this is that I want a bit of a restructure, a revamp.  Now I’ve had this experimental month, I’m much clearer as to the way forward, and all will be revealed in the next Bet Diary post.  New services, a more dynamic approach, a bigger ‘Broxchange’ portfolio and more.  All quite exciting.

As for performance, it’s not been too shabby.  We had the huge winner from Golf Insider, Racing Service 3 in rare form through the first two thirds of the month, and new entrant Football Service 3 starting strongly.

On the flip side things didn’t go so well for Racing Service 1 who gave back a fair chunk of the profit made in March.  Football Service 2 has now endured two poor months and is seeking a return to form – their track record screams at us that it is only a matter of time.

Portfolio performance for April

‘Main’ portfolio: ROI 10.03%, ROC 6.69%.

Individual Service Performance

Racing Service 1: Staked 45pts, -16.35pts, ROI -36.33%, ROC -16.35%.

Football Lay Profits: Staked 280.2pts, -5.2pts, ROI -1.85%, ROC -2.6%.

Football Service 3: Staked 44pts, +6.962pts, ROI 15.82%, ROC 13.92%.

Golf Insider: Staked 90pts, +173.75pts, ROI 193.65%, ROC 21.71%.

MVS: Staked 63pts, +8.5pts, ROI 13.49%, ROC 4.25%.

Northern Monkey: Staked 22.25pts, -2.198pts, ROI -9.87%, ROC -2.19%.

Football Service 2: Staked 39.75pts, -3.932pts ROI -9.89%, ROC -9.83%.

Racing Service 2: n/a

Racing Service 3: Staked 57pts, +52.387pts, ROI 91.9%, ROC 39.29%.

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