Analyzing the Analyst

Last week I posted about how excited I was to be adding Sys Analyst to those I follow and betting strategies I use.  Still excited, and have enjoyed what’s been done so far, having my first winner thus far yesterday (Sunday).  To be honest though, I’ve spent a long time last week thinking about the best way for me to follow.

Smart Betting Club members who have read the recent re-review of Sys Analyst (and if you haven’t read it, why not!?) will know that by applying certain filters the strong baseline ROI already present can be built upon.  From the analysis conducted by the SBC too, we can see that when to bet if using the likes of Betfair and Smarkets instead of online bookmakers, can also have an impact on returns over a long-term period.

As always, I’ve just been experimenting to work out a methodology that suits me and my circumstances, and with any service we follow, I really believe this to be an important part of the process.  For example, with what I have on already at the moment, I can place probably 90% of the Sys Analyst bets advised Monday- Friday I want to place, whenever.  There may occasionally be something crop up that means I can only bet at a certain time, but generally speaking I can choose when I want to enter the market to take the available price.

The weekends, and particularly Saturdays, however are a different story.  Away playing cricket from fairly early until late means I may well not be able to get on some or even all of the bets I would normally want to back.  But this lasts only through the summer and there are plenty of bets to be getting on around these restrictions. It’s been the same with other strategies I follow too.  For example, with the last round of Premier League matches of the season all kicking off at 4.30 on Sunday afternoon, whilst I was tucking into a couple of pints on a mate’s 50th birthday celebration, I was in no position (or had the desire) to interrupt proceedings so I could get some DD/HH bets down.

One thing I’ve learnt over the years…there’s no point making some decent money from betting if you then allow betting to occasionally get in the way and spoil the enjoyment you get from spending it.  There are always more good bets coming through.  No need to worry about missing out.

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