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Quick post tonight (can you believe that pre-season cricket training starts for me tonight!?!  It may be indoors, but I need to get there, and it’s currently about -6 degrees…I’m far too old.  WHAT am I doing?).

Anyway, reader James emailed to ask how my lad is getting on with Matchday Profits and whether or not he would recommend it.

I don’t post results for this service in the Bet Diary.  It doesn’t really have an influence at all on my betting and unfortunately I don’t have the soft online bookmaker accounts needed to take advantage.  I suppose there is a tenuous link in that Joe is using the service to contribute towards growing something of a betting bank, which he then merges with my funds, but other than that like I say, it doesn’t have much impact on me.

The opinion of my son is that Matchday Profits has been a really good service to get into right at the start of his betting journey.  Not only does it help that bank develop, but it also gets you used to the way the bookmaking sites work, different types of bet to place, and even how to start spotting opportunities yourself.

Personally speaking, I think anyone with a semi-decent level of betting experience under their belt would soon be able to seek out the sort of opportunities Matchday Profit seeks to exploit, but at the very least the service takes away the time needed to do that.  What I would say too is that I know it is run by Paul Ruffy, and from my own experience of following a successful horse racing service called Winning Racing Tips for a number of years, which was also run by Paul, that the man at the helm of Matchday Profit is a sensible, canny bettor with a good eye for making a profit.

I guess in summary, MP is a service that provides a very low risk entry into profitable betting and my lad is happy with it.  It’s not time consuming to follow, and whereas it’s never going to provide the sort of rate of return that some of the best tipsters provide, it is going to produce steady, long term profits, and is ideal for helping to develop a betting bank.

Hope that helps, James.  And if anyone wants me to address any topics or issues in the Bet Diary, leave a comment or email into rowan@smartbettingclub.com.

Now, where are my gloves…

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