A bit of a grind.

A loss on last week, although not by very much, and despite one or two highlights it was a week that felt like very heavy going.  I find this happens from time to time, and to be honest with you it is at times like these when it would be very easy to let the odd bet slide, or not record results as conscientiously as you might, putting off until tomorrow something which really ought to be done today.

Last week was one of these testing times, and being completely honest, it hasn’t quite ended yet.  It just feels like a bot of a battle at the moment.  Experience tells me it will pass.

As for performance, I was a little surprised when I totted everything up to find it hadn’t actually been that bas a week.  Like I say, a loss, but a very minor one.  The weekend helped pull things around somewhat with Weekly Golf Value winner Ryo Hisatsune (90/1) contributing significantly to that process.

The other success of the week came from use of the Bookie Bashing Bet Tracker which uncovered some very good value bets in the Rugby World Cup.  With winners against the handicap on Scotland, Ireland (what a game of rugby that was against South Africa!) and England, it was a good week for the egg chasers, or at least my bets on them.  The Tracker is running very hot at the moment.  Or perhaps more accurately, the bets I’m taking from it are, and the ROI of 28% I’m currently running at is about five times what I hope for long term.

Not faring so well was Sys Analyst whose losing run continues, and the Lucky 15s from the Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker proved disappointing last week too.  Finally, no joy from the NFL strategy and the four games played in through the week. These things happen.

So not a good week, but not a particularly bad one either.  And when I consider being paid out as a winner on a bet that I really didn’t deserve to be (see Monday’s post), then perhaps I should just stop moaning.  So I will.

Betting 2023-24 (from 1st Apil)

AI Football: Staked 63pts, -1.814pts, roi -2.87%, High: 1.865pts, DD: -3.679pts, Max DD: -3.679pts.

Any Time Goalscorer: Staked 95.9pts, -2.506pts, roi -2.61%, High: 11.935pts, DD: -14.441pts, Max DD: -14.441pts.

Bookie Bashing Football Coupons: Staked 40pts, +12.772pts, roi 31.93%, High: 14.03pts, DD: -1.258pts, Max DD: -8.692pts.

Bookie Bashing Golf Tracker/Weekly Golf Value: Staked 5,038pts, +316.88pts, roi 6.28%, High: 343.88pts, DD: -27pts, Max DD: -596.38pts

Bookie Bashing Racing Tracker (Lucky 15s): Staked 368pts, +48.623pts, roi 13.21%, High: 56.124pts, DD: -7.501pts, Max DD: -16.801pts.

Bookie Bashing Value Bets Tracker: Staked 173.6pts, +49.971pts, roi 28.78%, High: 49.971pts, DD: -0pts, Max DD: -4.506pts.

DD/HH: Staked 99.9pts, +4.5pts, roi 4.5%, High: 10.7pts, DD: -6.2pts, Max DD: -20.15pts.

Edwards Tips (Golf): Staked 187.65pts, -2.736pts, roi -1.45%, High: 24.028pts, DD: -26.764pts, Max DD: -35.102pts.

NFL strategy: Staked 44.7pts, +12.906pts, roi 28.87%, High: 48.106pts, DD: -35.2pts, Max DD: -35.2pts

PGA Profit: Staked 306.5pts, +39.836pts, roi 12.99%, High: 84.858pts, DD: -45.022pts, Max DD: -97.076pts.

Sys Analyst: Staked 446pts, +0.315pts, roi 0.07%, High: 62.535pts, DD: -62.22pts, Max DD: -62.22pts.

Touchdown Profit: Staked 12pts, +1.266pts, roi 10.55%, High: 1.595pts, DD: -0.329pts, Max DD: -0.329pts

TOTAL ROI: 12.21%


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