Alex’s Betting Video Diary

Building a successful betting portfolio is not always straightforward and at SBC we try to give people the knowledge to succeed in this game.

That’s why we’re asking SBC team member and part-time bettor Alex to document his betting journey using tipsters in a video series to show you exactly how it is done. 

The video series will take you through the ins and outs, ups and down of running a profitable betting portfolio. 

While profits are of course not guaranteed, Alex’s portfolio is made up of 4 of the most highly recommended SBC betting services and tipsters, and we are all extremely confident he will succeed with the strategies he is showcasing. 

Video 5: My 8 betting strategies

Alex reveals his 8 different betting strategies that make up his Smart Betting Club portfolio.

The last service involving football coupons is something a bit different!

Plus get results of his progress after 7 months in- things have moved on!

You can watch the rest of the Video Diary series and the rest of our betting strategy and advice content on our YouTube channel.

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