Introducing Wadsters Winners 

Wadsters Winners is a unique pay-as-you win tennis tipping service overseen by crack tennis expert, Aidan Wardle.

It’s unique pay-as-you-win setup ensures you only pay when Aidan advises winning tennis bets – putting the odds and terms firmly in your favour, especially when you consider his record of past success tipping!

Since he began in 2019, Aidan has made a 8.55% ROI from 2089 bets as settled at fair odds.

This fair odds policy sees him settle all bets at prices available with at least 2 major bookmakers, meaning you can often match, if not beat his official results


Service Overview

Aidan is the brains behind the Wadsters Winners operation and has been running this service since 2019, during which time it has made 200 points profit @ 8.55% ROI across 2089 tennis bets.

All of Aidan’s bets are advised with major bookmakers and winning bets are settled via a fair odds policy which ensures you should always get at least the odds quoted and settled to, if not better!

He advises bets in the main Tennis betting markets for both the ATP and WTA tours such as match winner, set scores, games handicaps, set 1 winner, total sets & total games markets. So once again you are betting into major Tennis betting markets.

The unique nature of the pay-as-you-win setup allows you to purchase credits in line with the profits you make and also stop/start your membership as you so please.

So for example if you join and are going away on holiday or need to take a break, you can simply pause your membership until ready to start again. Wadsters Winners allows you to be firmly in control.


The Performance Record & Profits To Date

Aidan has been operating his Wadsters Winners service since 2019 and has generated the following results over more than 3 full years of service:





Each year of service has been profitable, including the covid-19 impacted 2020, which despite seeing a cancellation of a large number of tournaments, still generated a strong profit for Aidan and his followers:






You can view a full breakdown of performance bet-by-bet via the following regularly updated results spreadsheet link.


How Wadsters Winners Supplies Bets

The Wadsters Winners service supplies all bets via the free to use Telegram messaging platform.

You can download Telegram free of charge for both your mobile and desktop devices and whenever Aidan has a message or tip to share, notification of it will be ‘pushed’ to your phone. It works a lot like Whatsapp and other instant messenger devices.

To join the service, you simply need to purchase credits and follow the instructions to install Telegram. Once you have done that you will receive all of the service’s tennis tips via the special Wadsters Winners Telegram Group.

Not only will you get notifications on all of the tips but also Aidan’s updates on bet results and analysis on the bets advised and their performance.

Via this group you can also keep track of your balance by requesting to see your credit balance at any time and also purchase new credits instantly and upon request.


About Aidan & His Tennis Expertise

Aidan joined the SBC Premium Section in January 2022 with a strong track record of making a profit betting on Tennis, across two platforms over several years.

Firstly, he has been running the Wadsters Winners service since 2019, during which time it has made 200 points profit @ 10.11% ROI across 1849 tennis bets.

You can view the breakdown of performance via this results link

Furthermore he also advises different bets with Pinnacle Sports via his Pyckio tipster service, which we also recently reviewed and recommended in SBC issue 125.

Through his Pyckio service, Aidan has made a 9.2% ROI from 1499 bets since 2019 and has further proven his expertise when it comes to Tennis Betting.


The Difference Between Aidan’s Pyckio Service And Wadsters Winners?

Many of you might well be asking the question:

“Exactly what is the difference between Aidan’s Pyckio service and this one at Wadsters Winners?”

Well the answer is that whilst the Pyckio service focuses solely on bets available and advised with the bookmaker, Pinnacle Sports, the Wadsters Winners service focuses on bets available with a wider range of bookmakers.

The main bookmakers Wadsters Winners uses are Bet365, Unibet, Betfair Exchange, Pinnacle, William Hill & Bet Victor. 95% of the advised bets will be advised with one of these 6 firms. Additionally, you may find occasional bets advised with Skybet, Betfred and Ladbrokes/Coral.

There is very little overlap in terms of the same tips being put forward by both services and in general Aidan targets different bets in different markets.

His Pyckio service is also priced differently with memberships priced between 213 Euros for 50 bets up to 1345 Euros for 1000 bets.

Wadsters Winners is much more affordable and comes with a unique pay-as-you-win credit system.

The Credit System & How You Become A Member

To become a member of Wadsters Winners you purchase credits up front, which then rise and fall depending on the profits or losses accrued by the service.

Each credit purchased equates to 1 point as advised by the service.

Lets say for example that you join the service by purchasing 50 credits. If the very first bet that Aidan puts forward is a 1 point bet at 5/1 which wins – you would then deduct 5 credits from your tally.

So at this point you now have 45 credits left.

If the next bet that is advised is a 2 point loser – your balance then rises to 47 credits and so on.

This means that your credits adjust based on the performance of the service. If he advises losers, the points lose are added to your credit tally. Credits are only deducted from your balance when a bet wins.

Once your balance falls below zero credits, you can instantly top up via the Telegram group by following the simple instructions supplied on how to do this.

How This Credit System Benefits You!

Lets say you start off by joining Wadsters Winners by purchasing 10 credits at £5 each. That is a total of £50 laid out.

At this point, when you place your bets, anything over and above £5 per point is pure profit.

Lets take the same example as above whereby Aidan advises a 1 point bet that wins at 5/1. That will cost you 5 credits, which cost you £25.

If you are following his tips at £25 a point, then your winning bet will have made you £25 X 5 = £125. Minus the £25 cost in credits and you are up £100 profit.

However if that 1 point bet had lost – this would have been added to your credit tally so again this is a win-win situation.


Fair Odds Policy

The service settles advised bets using a fair odds policy to ensure that everyone can at least match, if not beat the advised odds.

Fair Odds Policy: We only record prices at the 2nd best odds available across the most established soft bookmakers available in the UK, alongside the Betfair exchange and Pinnacle.

For outright markets, price sensitivity can be higher, so results are recorded at the third best soft bookmaker price in this situation.

Bookmakers used: 95% of the bets advised will be with one of these 6 firms: Bet365, Unibet, Betfair Exchange, Pinnacle, William Hill & Bet Victor.

Additionally, you may find occasional bets advised with Skybet, Betfred and Ladbrokes/Coral.

It is important therefore to ensure you have a range of these accounts available to you, especially the main bookmakers if following the service.

NOTE: This service will not work if you are limited to betting exchanges only. Not all bets are available to back on the Betfair Exchange. 


Service Nuts & Bolts

Here is more on how it all works as a member of the Wadsters Winners Service

Bet Notifications Via Telegram: As a member of the service you will get all bet notifications sent to you via the Telegram app

Bookmakers: Bet365, Unibet, Betfair Exchange, Pinnacle, William Hill & Bet Victor are the 6 main bookmakers.

Fair Odds Policy: We only record prices at the 2nd best odds available across the most established soft bookmakers available in the UK, alongside the Betfair exchange and Pinnacle. For outright markets, price sensitivity can be higher, so results are recorded at the third best soft bookmaker price in this situation.

Type of Bets: The 8 main markets utilised are match winner, set scores, games handicaps, set 1 winner, total sets, total games and the occasional multiple (double or treble). Outright bets are occasionally sent also. Those who are not able to bet at soft books or have limited soft book options can set their outright status to off, where no outright bets will be sent to those subscribers.

Bet Release Timing: There is no set time for tips due to the nature of different time zones being played on the tour making it hard to have a uniform time with which markets are formed for all tournaments. The main objective is to give at least one hour’s notice prior to a match beginning for the release of any tip and for a general time frame being established as between 8am – 8pm (GMT). Please note that during some tournaments such as in Australia, bets may come slightly earlier or later than this period. A brief tip warning is given a minute proceeding the release of bot tips outlining the number of tips and points staked for them.

Betting Bank: A betting bank of around 100-150pts is recommended for the service.

Workload: Around 40-50 tips are sent on an average month during those where a full calendar is available (January to October)


Subscribe Now

We are now accepting new members to the Wadsters Winners service with a small number of new spaces currently available. Once these extra memberships are taken up, a waiting list will be put in place.

Cost of Joining

To join Wadsters Winners, you need to purchase credits, which rise and fall in line with the profits made by the service and the bets advised (as explained earlier on this page).

You can choose how many credits you wish to purchase with a minimum order of 10 and a maximum of 50 credits.

  • Your first 10 credits purchased cost £5 per credit. 10 credits = £50
  • All credits purchased beyond 10 in one transaction have a 20% discount applied.

So for example:

  • If you purchased 10 credits, the charge is 10 x £5 = £50
  • If you purchased 20 credits, the first 10 credits cost £50 and the second 10 credits at £40 (20% discount) = a total of £90


How To Purchase Wadsters Winners Credits

Step 1: If yet to do so – download the Free Telegram app for either PC or mobile (or indeed both)

Step 2: Once you have setup an account on Telegram, click this link to join the Wadsters Winners Telegram group

Step 3: Once you are inside the Wadsters Winners Telegram group, type /help on the bot to bring up all the available commands.

Then click the /buypoints icon to choose the number of points/credits you wish to purchase (between 10-50). You can then make payment for your credit purchase directly.

From the point of selecting /help – you will have 24 hours to make purchase of points to secure your place before being automatically removed from the platform and required to rejoin.

Once your account is in credit, tips will automatically be sent through the bot from that point onwards.

If ever wanting to purchase additional credits alongside current points type ‘/buypoints’ inside the Telegram group and follow the steps above from then onwards.



Want To Know More – Wadsters Winners Guide

For a brief explanation on how Wadsters Winners works you can download this PDF guide.



Can You Follow With Just Exchanges Like Betfair Only? A few of you have asked if you can just follow the service with betting exchanges only, as you might be closed or stake restricted by bookmakers.

It is now possible to follow using Asian bookmakers only with 75% of the required bets available on the exchange. Wadster Winners now has separate groups on the bot who follow different tips based on what they’re able to. The default group is that of high limits only. This means only bets that have a minimum liquidity of 500 euros to bet at pinnacle are sent to these users. This added functionality makes it a lot easier for limited bettors to follow the service.

What are points or credits? 1 credit = 1 point for the Wadsters Winners service and these are the units that are staked in bets, which then are added or taken from your account depending on the outcomes of the tips provided.

So there’s no fixed cost payment for following the tips? No, every subscriber will initially have to make a purchase to receive points into their account, but any future payments will only be made on a variable basis, dependent on how the service is performing. If the service runs at a loss over a time period, there will be no cost to the subscriber, ensuring a transparent and fair system.

How do I purchase points and how many points can I purchase in one go? Points are purchased through the payment provider stripe through the bot itself. You can see view your current number of points / credits by selecting the ‘/points’ command on the bot. To purchase points – select the /buypoints option to choose the number of points/credits you wish to purchase (between 10-50). There is no limit to the amount that can be purchased although a smaller number of points is recommended as during a bad run points will naturally increase anyway.

I’m restricted at almost all the soft bookmakers; will I be able to follow this service using pinnacle and the betfair exchange alone? The service can be followed profitably for users who don’t have access to soft books. For pinnacle users, there are a proportion of bets which use markets are not available on the site in ‘set scores’ and ‘total sets’. For the betfair exchange, all markets bet on the bot tend to be available, although there may be times where liquidity is lacking when not using the ‘match winner’ market. For those with a pinnacle account, it may be preferable to follow my pinnacle exclusive service at pyckio –!account/aidan where the service is reviewed in SBC magazine 125.

Are points refundable? Points are non-refundable. The long-term record of the service has been strong and likely to provide a positive return on investment but there is no guarantee of returns, and any subscriber should accept full liability for any purchase of points made.

How are the odds of bets recorded on the bot and on the results sheet once the outcome is complete? The bot only records prices at the 2nd best availability across the most established soft bookmakers available in the UK, alongside the betfair exchange and pinnacle. For outright markets, price sensitivity can be higher, so results are recorded at the third best soft bookmaker price in this situation.

I’m going on holiday and won’t be able to follow the tips, what action should I take? If wanting to stop following tips for a shorter period (or have decided the service is not right for you long term), then you can simply select the command ‘/stop’ and tips will no longer be sent through telegram. This will freeze your current points total for the next two months. You can simply select ‘/start’ for when able to start following the tips again.