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Introducing Pilelist Racing…

The Pilelist Racing Service provides Expert Each Way racing tips with an excellent track record of performance and all at fair and achievable odds.

Run by Harry, a vastly experienced and shrewd betting tipster, Pilelist Racing is ideally suited if you are looking for…

  • Tips from a reliable tipster with a proven track record;
  • An average of 1-2 tips per day from an easy-to-follow tipster;
  • Tips with a good Return on Investment/Return on Capital.
  • Short losing runs with a high strike-rate;
  • Tips advised late morning/early afternoon once the betting markets are formed;
  • Tips that are settled at a price available with at least 3 bookmakers;
  • Tips that you can also follow profitably at Betfair SP.


Pilelist Betting Record +8% ROI From 1684 Bets

Pilelist Racing first started advising tips in July 2014, since when he has tipped up 1684 bets and made 108 points profit at a Return on Investment of 8%.

This is all to extremely fair odds, which you can genuinely match and often beat!

Here is his full record:

Overall Results

To the advised betting bank of 75 points, this equates to betting bank growth or ROC (return on capital) of 144%.

Those of you able to benefit from Best Odds Guaranteed prices OR placing these bets as doubles will have significantly increased that sum of profit.

Averaging 1-2 tips per day with the vast majority advised each way, Harry’s tips are easy to follow, easy to achieve the advised odds on and also very profitable at Betfair SP!


Read The SBC Pilelist Racing Review

For those of you keen to read more about Pilelist Racing and the odds availability study, we also invite you to download our original review of the service from November 2016.

It also includes an updated set of stats to bring the results up to date as of March 2017.

Download the Pilelist Racing Review (opens up PDF file)


Make Extra Profits Using ‘Best Odds Guarantees’

For those of you placing bets with bookmakers offering you ‘Best Odds Guaranteed’ you can also improve your profits by as much as 5.3% ROI.

Best Odds Guarantee is a concession that many bookmakers offer, whereby if the SP is bigger than the odds you take, they will pay your winnings at the higher SP.

For example – say at midday you place a bet at 10/1, yet the horse wins at 12/1 SP. You will be paid out at 12/1 SP.

Taking advantage of this offer when following Pilelist Racing can add significant sums to your profits.

We analysed every single Pilelist list tip advised and found that if applying BOG to every bet advised by Pilelist Racing you would have made an extra 48.6 points profit and 5.3% ROI from the very same bets.

Below you can see the performance figures both with and without BOG applied for the first 1092 tips put forward.

BOG Uplift


Profitable at Betfair SP

Although the vast majority of tips advised by Pilelist Racing are to be backed each way, for those of you interested in backing them to win the race outright at Betfair SP, the service is also very profitable.

Compare the results from the table below, which outlines the profits if placing a 1 point level stake bet across 4 categories.

Betfair SP

Advised Bets: This is the ‘official’ Pilelist Racing record based on advised stakes and predominantly each way betting

Win Only (Advised odds): This illustrates the record if placing a 1 point level stake on each tip to advised bookmakers

Win Only (Industry SP): This illustrates the record if placing a 1 point level stake on each tip at SP

Win Only (Betfair SP): This illustrates the record if placing a 1 point level stake on each tip at Betfair SP (Minus 5% commission)

As this table outlines, at 1 point level stakes at Betfair SP, you would have made a 167.3 point profit at 15.3% ROI, even after 5% commission has been deducted from each winner.

For those of you who prefer to bet with bookmakers, this profit is higher with a 205.3 point profit and 18.8% ROI if betting win only with the advised bookmakers.

If win only betting, we do recommend a higher betting bank of approximately 200 points. Do be aware that win only betting will mean longer losing runs and NO place return or profit if your horse comes 2nd, 3rd or 4th. It is more psychologically taxing and for ease of following and higher betting bank growth, the Pilelist Racing preferred approach is each way betting.


Only Quoting Fair & Achievable Odds

The Pilelist Racing profits are based on odds you can realistically achieve and obtain from the bookmakers advised.

The odds put forward on any tip must be available with AT LEAST 3 bookmakers from the list below at the time of advice.

Pilelist Racing ranks his bookmakers into two Tiers and at least 1 of the 3 bookmakers offering a quoted price must be from ‘Tier 1’

Tier 1 Bookmakers (at least 1, usually 2 must offer a quoted price)

Bet365,  Betvictor, Coral Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Skybet, WillHill

Tier 2 Bookmakers

Betbright, Betfred, Betstars, Betway, Boylesports, Stan James, Totesport

More often than not you will find more than 3 bookmakers are offering a quoted price, with usually around 5 different firms to choose from.


How To Obtain Better Odds – Study

To help showcase how achievable the odds are for Pilelist Racing, we observed the odds movements on each Pilelist Racing bet advised between 3rd July and 13th August 2016.

Totaling 104 bets, we recorded the advised odds and compared them to those available after 0, 15 and 60 minutes as well as Industry SP.

The odds were taken from the following panel of bookmakers: Bet 365, BetVictor, Betfair Sportsbook, Coral, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Skybet, Tote and William Hill.

It’s fair to say that our tracking suggests that the advised odds are extremely achievable, with an actual improvement between 0.4% and 0.6% ROI within the first 60 mins. Industry SP is of no use (as is so often the case), with the full table of findings below:


You can be assured that as a Pilelist Racing member, you will not need to hurry to place each bet nor run the risk of a bookmaker slashing the price before you can get on!


Service Operation

To ensure the service is as easy to follow as possible, as a Pilelist Racing subscriber you can expect to receive regular emails with full guidance on when a tip is next due.

Each day there is a flat race meeting in the UK, you can expect to receive your first email between 9am and 11.30am.

This first email will either contain advice on the first bets of the day OR advice on when next to expect a follow-up email with further advice.

The latest time you will receive a tip is 2pm, which allows Harry to supply bets for those races taking place each evening in the UK.

All told, this simple approach will provide you with a full appreciation and understanding of when the next tip is due.


Staking Plan

The majority of advice supplied by Pilelist Racing is to be backed each-way, although there are very occasional win bets.

Each bet also comes with staking advice ranging from 0.3 to 3 points on any given tip. The vast majority of stakes fall within the region of 0.5 to 1 points total on any given bet.

We therefore recommend a 75 points betting bank if following Pilelist Racing to maximise your time with the service.

For those of you wishing to follow all bets to win at Betfair SP, we recommend a much higher betting bank – 200 points should be sufficient. Do be aware that if backing to win, your losing runs will be longer as you receive no payout when a bet places.


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