Expert Guides are specifically designed e-books and betting resources, which provide additional help and assistance for you in your betting walk. Once again, they have been compiled in association with proven professional gamblers and feature advice and expertise designed to help you and your betting profitability.

Tackling a range of betting topics from Horse Racing to Golf, they are designed to provide in-depth expertise to make you a bona-fide expert on a variety of betting topics.

Below is a list of all the current Premium Guides for sale, click the individual links for more details and options on how to purchase.

Essential Guide To Golf Betting

The ‘Essential Guide To Golf Betting’ has been written by pro punter Dan James in conjuction with the experts at the Smart Betting Club.

In this exclusive guide, Dan reveals his own secrets of professional golf betting from the ground upwards including his very his own strategies for golf betting success.

Dan is well qualified to write about the topic having been banned by many major golf bookmakers for winning too much. Now he has teamed up with the team at the Smart Betting Club to help share his expertise with you.

Its the perfect starting point for anyone looking to bet on golf and make a profit – both for experienced golf gamblers at novices alike.

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Pro Betting Guide

The Pro Betting Guide (PBG) is designed to help those of you looking to take your betting to the next level withadvanced expert advice for the serious gambler.

Compiled by professional gambler Mr Gekko, who makes a living betting on tipsters advice alongside betting expert Mike Bishop from the Smart Betting Club, you can benefit from the experience of 2 proven successful gamblers.

Normally those that make money betting do not spill the beans, but both Mike and Mr Gekko have teamed up to provide the most comprehensive guide to betting possible.

The PBG comes in five parts as follows:

  • Expert Guide To Successful Professional Betting.
  • Expert Guide To Avoiding Bookmaker Restrictions & Closures. (also available standalone)
  • Portfolio Manager – Track & Monitor Your Bets The Professional Way.
  • The Bet Examiner – Helps You Easily Analyse & Improve Your Own Betting.
  • The Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits (also available standalone)

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Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits

If you have an active interest betting on horse racing and are looking to both understand how it works better and how to increase your winnings, then our ‘Expert Guide To Maximising Horse Racing Profits’ is here to help.

Through this guide you can learn how to…

  • Fully understand the horse racing betting market.
  • Learn how to focus on the best, most profitable bets.
  • Understand how to avoid the bets most likely to cause you losses.
  • Increase your Return on Investment by at least 2%.
  • Apply our unique ‘Double’ and ‘Triple’ Up strategy to further boost the returns from your bets.

Available as either part of our Pro Betting Guide suite of products or as a stand-alone e-book, the secrets contained within could have a dramatic impact on your own horse racing betting profits.

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