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7 Best Tipsters

Since May 2006, The Secret Betting Club has been dedicated to uncovering the best tipsters and finding the experts that can make you money simply by following their betting advice.

For 7 years we have painstakingly reviewed, proofed and tracked hundreds, if not thousands of tipsters...all with the goal of finding the very best ones proven to make you money.

We have uncovered countless scams and wasted time and money on all kinds of rubbish tipsters as part of these investigations...yet we have also found some truly AMAZING betting experts...that have consistently made money betting for those following their tipping advice.

Year-in, Year-out these top tipsters have made consistent profits and are genuine, bona-fide experts who you simply must follow!

We want to reveal to you who these top tipsters are, where you can find them and how you too can start following them and profiting from their advice.

So to celebrate our 7th year anniversary as a tipster review service, we have compiled our first ever 'Best Tipster Guide' featuring our independent reports on the 7 best, most profitable tipsters that you simply must follow!

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Why These 7 Tipsters Are So Good!

The ground breaking Best Tipster Guide features in-depth reviews and analysis on the 7 best betting tipsters that we have found during the 7 years we have run the Secret Betting Club. As well as our independent opinion, we also share several real-life user experiences on what ordinary SBC members think of each tipster.

You can find out exactly who these tipsters are and how you can start profiting from their advice in our Best Tipster Guide, but to give you a flavour, here is a brief rundown on each tipster and why they are so good:

  • Tipster 1: Horse Racing Tipster With A Profit of £29,490.50 at £25 Stakes.
    Over the past decade, this tipster has supplied over 3400 bets and made regular, consistent profits with a phenomenal ROI of 30.71%.

    SBC Members Say:
    "The top racing advisers in the country"
    "The most profitable tipster service around"
    "By far the best thing I did was joining the service"

  • Tipster 2: Horse Racing Tipster With A Profit of £41,021.25 at £25 Stakes
    This service has multiplied their starting bank 16 times over since 2009. You have to go back to October 2011 for their last losing month!

    SBC Members Say:
    "The mainstay of my portfolio"
    "My top service, with regular profits and no large drawdowns"

  • Tipster 3: Horse Racing Tipster With A Profit of £14,435.00 at £50 Stakes
    Averaging just 2 tips per day, this low-cost, easy to follow tipster has enjoyed remarkable success since starting in 2010.

    SBC Members Say:
    Easily ranks in top 5 % of all tipster services out there, excellent value for a very affordable fee"
    "Another great, low key, professionally run service with regular returns"

    "Excellent value for a very affordable fee"

  • Tipster 4: Horse Racing Tipster With A Profit of £17,118.50 at £50 Stakes
    Supplying one value tip per day, since 2009 this tipster has achieved phenomenal growth and a ROI of 26.34%. Service is operated as a 'financial investment' for its members.

    SBC Members Say:
    "Another stalwart which should be part of every betting portfolio"
    "I've been a member for 18 months and he has made me consistent profits with his long priced one a day tips"

  • Tipster 5: Football Tipster With A Profit of £20,795.00 at £50 Stakes
    Over the past 3 seasons this affordable tipster has made consistent football profits and a 13.2% ROI from more than 3000 bets.

    SBC Members Say:
    "The top performer in my betting portfolio over the past 2 seasons. I have more than doubled my betting bank each season"

    "I wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone looking to develop their football betting"

  • Tipster 6: Football Tipster With A Profit of £10,740.00 at £100 Stakes
    Offers high-strike rate football tips, which are easy to follow and obtain advised prices for. Has quickly become a firm SBC member favourite!

    SBC Members Say:
    "After a year with the service, my ROC (betting bank growth) achieved is impressively close to 100%"
    "With a subscription cost of just £25/month, there's a huge amount to like. It certainly gets my vote"

  • Tipster 7 : Football Tipster With A Profit of £31,710.50 at £50 Stakes
    Non-league football tipping expert with a 13.03% ROI from 1249 bets dating all the way back to the 2006 season.

    SBC Members Say:
    "if anyone can beat his knowledge and insight into the non-league world, I'd be very surprised indeed"
    "Maintained a particularly high level of performance and consistency that most find impossible to replicate

Full details on each of these 7 tipsters, who they are, how they work and how you can start following can all be found in the Best Tipster Guide.

What's more - many of these 7 tipsters offer special discounts and offers to Secret Betting Club members only, so you can sign-up to follow them and save money!

What The Best Tipster Guide Contains & Real-Life Betting Experiences

The Best Tipster Guide features 4 horse racing and 3 football tipsters, so whatever sport you bet upon, you will find something for you.

In the Guide, you can find out our up-to-date thoughts on each service, how they work, the profits they have made and just who they are suitable for.

The Guide also features contributions from numerous SBC members who share their own thoughts on why they rate these services so highly. People like Brian who had this to say on one of the top 7 tipsters:

"I have been with the *Name removed* service since he was first mentioned in SBC. A fantastic service, low number of bets, easy to obtain odds, very reasonably priced subs, generous terms if results hit a bad period, helpful with any queries. Another great, low key, professionally run service with regular returns."

This view is also backed up by Aodhan, albeit a bit more succintly!

"Tipster Service X:
Low subscription rate;
Excellent customer relations;
Steady profits;
Is this as near as we'll get to the Holy Grail of racing tipsters?"

Remember the tipsters listed in the guide have proven their success to us over the past 7 years, during which time they have each made significant profits for many Secret Betting Club members.

These are real top-class winning tipsters we are discussing here. Not potentially profitable or 'were once profitable'...but genuinely long-term profitable tipsters.

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How The Best Tipster Guide Can Change Your Betting Life FOREVER!

It is fair to suggest that following the tipsters unveiled in the Best Tipster Guide can have a dramatic impact on your betting forever.

Don't just take our word for it, but instead those of Secret Betting Club members who have benefitted from knowing just who the best tipsters are.

These are often ordinary people like Liam, who recently wrote to us to explain exactly the difference the Secret Betting Club has made for him...

"About a year ago I decided to try out some tipsters who looked very attractive, but I ended up losing money on their bets and also their subscription fees cost me a lot of money too. I had often heard of the Secret Betting Club but after my experience with tipsters I was very sceptical. Eventually after mulling over it for a few months I decided to subscribe. Now some months later I have to admit it has been the best decision I have ever made from a punting point of view."

This is a view shared by Paddy who explained how he has gone from making money betting betting for the first time to semi-pro punter in just 3 years...

"I joined SBC sometime in 2010 and started by subscribing to the most affordable tipsters which were listed in the SBC Hall of Fame in early 2011. This was the first time that I discovered that you could make money from betting. After two years I have graduated onto following more of SBC's top rated tipsters and now I make a good living as a semi professional bettor."

So if you have only ever lost money betting or are looking for help improving the profits you currently make, why not consider a Secret Betting Club membership today?

Important Note On Tipsters

Please note - the Best Tipster Guide reveals who the best services are, but we do not supply tips ourselves. To follow any of the 7 tipsters revealed in the guide, you do need to subscribe to them individually to benefit from their advice.

Thanks to the power of SBC, we can also offer significant discounts and deals to help reduce the costs of subscribing to the 7 Tipsters included in the guide. Don't let these costs put you off though as 4 of the tipsters included cost less than £30 a month, with further discounts available for longer-subscriptions.


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How Else The Secret Betting Club Can Help You...

Once you join the Secret Betting Club, obtaining your copy of the Best Tipster Guide represents just the tip of the iceberg on just how we can help you make money betting.

Our service is designed for anyone who wishes to start making money betting. Whether you are a novice or more experienced bettor, looking to make a full-time or part-time income, there is something for you!

As a member, you receive:

  • Full access to our renowned monthly Secret Betting Club magazines, packed full of tipster & system reviews and techniques for making money betting.

  • Full access to our fantastic Tipster Profit Reports, which contain the latest and historical performance figures as generated by more than 50 of the worlds top tipsters.

  • Access to articles with secret strategies and advice on making money betting from professional gamblers, Betfair traders and other experts in the field.

  • Detailed updates on the best tipster services & systems that make you money, what they do, how they do it and if they are suitable for you.

  • Details and research into the all the latest betting and tipster scams, who they are and why you should avoid them. Never get caught out by a ripoff service again!

  • Our fantastic Bonus Gift - 'The Ultimate Betting Package', which includes 3 profitable betting systems:
    The 4 Pronged Attack Racing System,
    The Fink Tank Value System &
    The On Course For Golf Betting Profits System.
    + Many More Systems and Strategies for you to use!

    Our must-read 'Pro Gambler Blueprint', full of expert hints and tips on how to win at betting and our 2 Independent Guides to the best Horse Racing & Football Bookmakers.

  • All back issues of our Secret Betting Club reports (which amounts to a huge amount of free information)

  • Full access to our members only forum, which is packed with shared insight into the world of making money betting.

  • Access to the SBC Discount Club and all the deals, discounts and special offers available exclusively to our members.

  • Full money back guarantee if at any time in your first 12 months with us, you are not satisfied for any reason!


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