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Demetrio Giotti has established himself as the betting expert on Basketball with a record showcasing a profit of 234.37 points @ 16.60% ROI over 743 bets. Best of all – these bets are all based on fair odds as quoted with the sharp bookmaker, Pinnacle.

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About SBC & How We Can Help You

The Smart Betting Club has been in operation since 2006. During that time, we have assessed thousands of tipsters and betting services to build a comprehensive overview of the market and to help you know which experts to follow to make a profit betting.

As times change, so do we. For example, in 2023, we have concentrated on supporting our members who have been restricted or closed by bookmakers.

Wherever you are in your betting journey – from complete beginner looking to profit from ‘soft’ bookmakers through to ‘hardened pro’ looking to drive bank growth with sharp bookmakers or exchanges – we are sure that we have resources and recommended services that can help you make your betting pay.

Below, we discuss how…

Independent Tipster Reports & Reviews

SBC Magazines feature our Tipster Reviews, where we take a ‘deep dive’ into a service after an intensive period of proofing. These reviews look at everything from long-term performance with bookmakers and exchanges through to odds availability at different time intervals and Monte Carlo simulations and drawdown analysis.

Here is an example of a recent review that looked at the horse racing service, Loves Racing

This PDF is a great example of the depth we go to in order to explore a tipster and their edge.

Check out some of the most recently released SBC Magazines & special reports below…

Read more about SBC Magazines and how they can help your betting.

In addition to written content, we are increasingly using other media to discuss services alongside our Tipster Profit Reports. Many of these are available to watch on our YouTube channel and here is an example of Pete discussing the tennis service, Winner Odds:

Ongoing analysis also takes place via our Sports Tipster Profit Reports and Horse Racing Tipster Profit Reports, that update our findings and provide summary tables to rank the very best services by a range of different metrics. You can see an example of one of these reports by visiting our ‘4 Free Reports‘ page, where we will send a past copy to you by email.

5 Stages of Profitable Betting

Much of our recent work has centred on the 5 Stages of Profitable Betting, where we direct members towards the services and strategies that will suit them best – whether it be with bookmakers or exchanges.

We all have different levels of experience and unique circumstances so these resources are central to helping to find the most profitable path for any individual. Here is our first podcast that discussed this area of our site (2 more have followed, with one of those only available to members):

Using the descriptors on this dedicated page should help you to work out where you are and once you are signed up, bespoke resources are available to support you in building your portfolio further.

Free Tipsters

Free tipsters are an ongoing benefit of SBC Membership as we hand pick services that have demonstrated consistent profitability and invite them to work with us. No Foto Needed, PGA Profit and Demetrio Giotti are all examples of excellent tipsters who started by building up their following in this fashion and a more recent example comes in the form of Headstart Racing, the newest addition to our stable, who has built up this enviable record during his time with us:

With SBC Membership you can get instant access to Headstart Racing and three other free tipsters, with tips being sent out on Telegram or by email each and every day!

Massive Discounts

As previously mentioned, our work in the industry has allowed us to build up a comprehensive list of contacts who we work with to negotiate SBC Member discounts that are exclusive to our club.

Bookie Bashing, Rory Delargy’s Racing Consultant service, Hanbury Racing and Andrew Lowrie’s Optimum Racing are just a handful of the examples from our horse racing options and we have over 40 unique discounts covering everything from tennis and golf through to football and basketball for further options. Many of these discounts can save you hundreds of pounds, covering any SBC Membership cost many times over.

Current & Upcoming Member Only Content

To give you a flavour of what to expect with membership each month, here is a summary of our current reviews.

Tipster Review 1: Chasing Steamers: Released Tuesday 7th November

A deep look at the ‘Pinnacle Odds Dropping’ service that SBC staff have used profitably over 2023.

Chasing Steamers is an immediate ‘Hall of Fame’ entrant due to its profitability, consistency and large bank of data that demonstrates how effective this strategy is.

Statistically significant sampling of results flag a strong ROI of 13.13% from a large batch of bets from across many sports and this is clear to see in ROC figures too, with a 600%+ bank growth over a 9 month period.

There is an exclusive 15% discount for SBC members on this service (saving up to £83!)

To complement the review, Pete and Josh recorded a one hour explainer video that covered key topics such as how to use the service, what bookmakers are suitable as options, which sports they concentrated on and some mistakes they made along the way. Personal betting records, results sheets and some live betting using the service mean that you can get everything you need to know in preparation for signing up.

Tipster Review 2: ‘Late Information’ Horse Racing Service:  Out In late November.

This review has been in the works for some-time and focuses on a racing tipster that uses inside information to find winners.

It has a quite ridiculous record to date with profits currently standing at 86% ROI, with an even greater edge at Betfair SP. If that sounds unbelievable,  well it isn’t!  Whilst proofing the service we have witnessed many of those bets live and we have been following it closely for well over a year. Recently, we saw a bet advised at 40/1 win, with a release time of just 5 minutes before the off making it a viable betting proposition for most bettors.

Our review will look at all aspects of the service, including some minor issues that we have uncovered over the proofing period. We also look at exchange viability, which bookmakers are necessity and whether we feel that the service is sustainable over the long term, amongst much more analysis.

Tipster Review 3: Betting Profitably On Golf: Out In December

This review will concentrate on how to profit from one of the most popular betting sports, golf. Bookmakers are known to offer excellent value in the place part of golf bets and we will cover how to maximise this angle using free tipsters, Premium Tipsters and ‘self selection’ tools such as Bookie Bashing.

Next, we will focus on our own betting and how we have had to adapt as getting on with the soft books has become more difficult (or impossible!). With a panel of Pete, Rowan and Josh all contributing (with possible guest appearances), this interactive podcast will help bettors of all levels to increase their profitability when betting in the golf markets.

Bespoke Support

We interact with our members every day but understand that as you may not be familiar with everything we do, you may have many questions about the services we offer or how we can help.

If you would like, we can record a bespoke video to talk you through questions you may have about a specific service or area of the site. To receive a video, please email with your questions about different areas of the site or specific services and he will respond with a link that tries to answer any queries you have. This is an ongoing service we offer so please don’t hesitate to ask for help once you are signed up, we will always be here to support you!


But be quick as these discounts are only available until midnight Saturday the 25th November.

Best of all, these discounts will apply for as long as you maintain your SBC membership subscription. So you can save 15% every 3/6 months OR 20% every 12 months for as long as you are a member!