Notice – Headstart Racing is no longer supplying tips to SBC members as of 2024. 

In its place, a new service will begin on the 12th January, that will be operated by those behind Headstart Racing. Further details on this will follow in this Free Tipster on the 12th January. 


Headstart Racing – Easy Value UK/Irish Bookie Bets

Run by a betting professional who has been making a living finding value in the horse racing markets since 2021, Headstart Racing is a service that focuses on both win and each-way betting in the UK and Irish Racing markets.

The service has been proofing to the SBC since April 2023 and as you can see below, it has built up a consistently profitable record during this period.

A full record of bets is available to view here, but some headline figures include:

  • 714 bets from this sample were win bets and they produced 77. 6 points of profit during this period
  • 1,087 bets from this sample were each-way bets and they produced the remaining 174.1 points of profit
  • Prices averaged out at 18.53 (or 17.53/1)

Service Nuts And Bolts

About: Run by a professional punter who has been betting full time since 2021, Headstart Racing finds value in both the win and each-way markets for UK & Irish racing.

Bet Timing: Tips are sent in the morning between 7am – 10am and in the evening between 6pm and 9pm UK time.

Bet Type: All bets are advised as 0.5 point each-way (so an each way bet would be a total of 1 point of your bank) or 1pt win singles with any heavier staking a rarity.

Bookmakers: Bets can be placed with most Oddschecker bookmakers. Having a wide range of availability would be advisable to get the best prices.

Number of Bets: The number of bets varies with  40-50 bets per week being typical.

Staking: 0.5 points each-way is the typical stake. Occasionally 1 point each way bets will be advised.

Betting Banks: We advocate a 200 point betting bank for this service as our analysis so far indicates that average prices are quite high.