Restrictions/Closure Help

The issue of bookmakers closing down your accounts or restricting the stakes you can place on any given bet is a growing practice impacting many punters in the modern day betting world. It is an issue impacting those primarily betting on sports such as horse racing and to a lesser extent others such as football and golf.

We have produced several reports and articles dedicated to this topic and the art of staying one step ahead of the bookmaker. Whether it be through the use of technology, being selective as to the type of bets you place, how you spread your stakes around or the bookies more likely to accept winners – SBC is here to help you.

Below you can find a reference to all recent relevant articles.

January 2024 – Account Agent Service & Guide
Published in SBC 138 from January 2024 is a brand new guide on extending the life of your bookmaker accounts. This guide also serves to accompany the new SBC Member Tipster service – Account Agent

November 2022 – 2 Special Podcasts On Bookmaker Tracking & Technology
Available via all major podcast directories – search ‘Smart Betting Club’ wherever you download your podcasts and look for Episodes 45 and 45 as described below:

Episode 46: VPN’s, VPS’s, Virtual Machines & More With Neel Shah (Part 2)
This episode is the second of our 2 part series exploring concerns about the data that bookmakers collect on those of us who bet with them and what you need to know about this as a smart punter. Once again I am joined by experienced punter and betting expert, Neel Shah to discuss some of the options available to you as a smart punter including a look at Virtual Private Networks and Servers (also known as VPN’s and VPS’s) as well as Virtual Machines, Proxifiers and other tools and techniques to consider to protect your information and help you get on.

We also look at how useful mobile phones can be when betting, especially to help ‘hide in plain sight’ as a winning bettor plus the software that allows you to run your phone screen on your laptop for ease of use. With trust in big bookmakers running at an all time low and an increase in complaints about accounts closures, delayed withdrawals and just general awful customer service, the more you know about how they operate and how in turn to get your bets on and get paid, the better for you if a smart punter.

Episode 45: Bookmaker Profiling & Data Collection With Neel Shah (Part 1)
The first of a two-part series that focuses on how bookmakers collect data and profile customers, where I am joined by expert bettor, Neel Shah. With stories of withheld winnings, altered odds, intrusive personal checks, closed accounts and voided ante post bets all being reported by punters in the last few weeks alone, it is fair to say that trust and goodwill towards bookmakers is at an all time low. In this episode we explore Neel’s research into the extensive information that bookmakers collect as soon as you visit their website, how bookmakers track your credit history, social media accounts and provide suggestions on the banking, deposit and withdrawal options with less ‘friction’

July 2020 – How Bookies Track Winners
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A deep dive into the world of bookmaker restrictions, how they profile customers and what you need to know as a winning bettor. Exploring the software and techniques used by bookmakers to identify winning gamblers, it also outlines solutions you can utilise to avoid tracking and stay as far under the radar as possible.

April 2019 – Special Report On Minimum Bet Guarantees
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A detailed exploration of the 3 main currently available Minimum Bet Guarantees (MBG’s) available from Bet Victor, Betfair Sportsbook & SkyBet. Tackling the value in each offer, how the odds in MBG markets stack up and compare and which firm(s) offer the best MBG currently.

February 2019 – Interview With Bookie Insider ‘The Poacher’ On Betting Restrictions
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In this exclusive interview, SBC Editor Peter Ling speaks with ‘The Poacher’ – a highly experienced and well connected bookmaker employee who is a specialist in overseeing betting restrictions. This is a true bookmaker insider who has agreed to share his insight with Smart Betting Club members on restrictions, how they are applied and most importantly of all – how best to avoid them for as long as possible. If you are interested in going ‘under the radar’ as a winning punter with bookmakers for as long as possible, this interview is a must-read!

January 2019 – Stake Factoring Article
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In this special article, we explore a leaked document obtained from one bookmaking firm that exposes the lengths they go in order to apply ‘stake factoring’ to punters accounts. Including further insight from a ‘bookie insider’ on stake factoring, it touches on the restrictions that are applied, how this works and why even the use of Oddschecker can potentially be a red-flag to bookmakers that a punter is shrewder than usual.

£500 Min Bet Guarantee Guide
SkyBet, BetVictor & Betfair Sportsbook are all now offering a variation on the theme of a £500 minimum bet guarantee from 10am onwards each day. In this article on the SBC Blog, I am updating these offers as they evolve. Last updated on the 13th December 2018 to highlight the expansion of the Betfair Sportsbook offer to all races from 10am onwards each day.

September 2018 – Updated 2018 Exchange, Bookmaker & Bet Broker Guide
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A major 2018 update to our guide on the best betting exchanges, bookmakers and bet brokers. Ideal for those of you looking to get the best odds and lowest commission rates possible from sites that actively welcome winners.

May 2017 – SBC Reviews Virtual Desktop Software ‘Jolly Lock’
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Read our detailed review of the Virtual Desktop Software – Jolly Lock, which is designed to help prevent bookmakers tracking your online betting activity. Want to avoid links being made from old closed accounts to newly opened accounts? Then, Jolly Lock is here to help. A must-read for anyone concerned about betting restrictions.

April 2017 – 5 Tips To Help Avoid Bookmaker Restrictions
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An original SBC article discussing 5 simple tips on how to avoid bookmaker restrictions. Whilst you will never be able to completely avoid stake limitation or account closure, this sensible advice will undoubtedly expand the longevity of your betting accounts.
Note – The tipster referenced in #1 of this article is Bet Alchemist and the tipster referenced in points #2 and #3 is Banker Bets

September 2016 –  Special ‘Getting On’ Report – MUST READ!
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Released in conjunction with the launch of our Better Betting Campaign, this extremely detailed report is your ultimate guide to betting restrictions and closures. Discover the best and worst bookmakers for restrictions as reveal by our extensive survey, plus the hidden bookmaker tracking software and how to remove it from your computer.

Part 4 of this report also features 6 interviews with professional punters on their tips, techniques and advice on how to cope with and avoid betting restrictions. Highly recommended reading.