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Recommended: Betting Metrics ‘Bet Tracker’

SBC has teamed up with the Betting Performance Tracker – Betting Metrics to help you record and analyse the bets you place and the progress of your betting banks.

The unique Betting Metrics interface allows you to easily list and track each and every bet you place across a wide range of sports. This coupled with automated bet settlement and most crucially of all – the ability to analyse and categorise your performance by several variables such as sport, tipster, bookmaker and odds, marks it out as a highly valuable resource.

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A Free Guide To Using Betting Metrics

As we understand the value that originates from tracking the performance of your bets, we asked Betting Metrics to write a short guide to their service for Smart Betting Club members.

Martin from Betting Metrics was good enough to pen a few words on his service, the difference it makes and the functionality it offers.

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Save On Betting Metrics ‘Pro’ Subscription With SBC

You can sample the Betting Metrics service as your first 5 bets are logged for free – although after that you will need to update to a ‘Pro’ subscription to utilise it further.

The good news is that as part of our partnership all Smart Betting Club members can enjoy a 20% discount from the monthly Bettingmetrics subscription and a 25% discount on the annual Bettingmetrics subscription. To claim the discount please use the “SBC18” code on the Bettingmetrics check out page.

Please note that SBC is not being paid to promote Betting Metrics – this is purely a recommendation based on a quality product that we feel could add a lot of value to your betting. Hence this partnership.

You can read more about their service at