Scottish Football Tips – Exclusive Advice From Hall Of Fame Service

In an exclusive deal, SBC members now receive free Scottish football tips from renowned football expert, Vincent Mulligan. 

Vincent oversees the Hall of Fame rated Scottish Football Tips service, which provides a wide range of advice via Telegram for betting in the Scottish leagues.

His knowledge of the top 4 leagues in Scotland is second to none and he combines this with his meticulously designed algorithms to provide winning tips. 

The service is a reduced version of the SBC Hall of Fame service which has been so successful down the years and is a great way to bet on lesser known leagues which you may not have the knowledge of.

As a subscriber you get access to the following…

  • Expert football tips delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Tips available at major bookmakers and exchanges meaning you’ll have the choice where to place your bets.
  • Access to years of Scottish football expertise in niche markets that can throw up excellent betting opportunities.

Scottish Football Tips’ Profitable Record

This service is relatively selective, resulting in a lower volume of bets, but it has built up an impressive record over the last 4 years with:

  • 312 bets
  • 20 points profit 
  • 5% ROI

Get All The Scottish Football Tips Free With SBC Membership

Scottish Football Tips are available to all Smart Betting Club members free of charge with each tip supplied via direct email.

If you are not an SBC member and wish to join to access Scottish Football Tips and those from the other free tipsters we provide, Subscribe to SBC now and then return to this page to find the link to join his mailing list.

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Service Nuts And Bolts

About: Vincent collates in game performance stats across all four divisions which he applies to a matrix and using an algorithm it outputs a defence and attack rating for each team. He then uses these to create an attack/defence differential for each team which forms the first part of his team ratings.

Having collated squad lists for each side in the top four divisions with a rating applied to each squad member he then adds a squad rating and preferred 11 rating to the team ratings. The player ratings come from a number of influences e.g. personal opinion, player experience, transfermarkt ratings, football manager ratings, fan reviews, trusted sources etc.

Finally league points are added to the rating to come up with the complete team rating which he then uses to output probability factors for each head to head. He keeps track of ratings throughout the season via a form graph which allows him to get a detailed insight into current form which of course is an influence.

Vincent says himself about one of the key aspects of his strategy ‘Perhaps the most key aspect in all of this though is keeping my ear to the ground. Knowing player availability, squad harmony etc are important aspects. So there is an element of correction applied based on what some may disparagingly term as ‘gut feeling’. Man cannot live on stats alone’.

Bet Timing: All bets are sent well in advance of each game taking place.

Bet Type: A mix of outright bets, Asian Handicaps and over/under bets.

Bookmakers: Bets will be available to take at all major bookmakers.

Number of Bets: You can expect anywhere between 15 and 25 tips in an average month. This depends on the quality and quantity of fixtures available in Scotland in any given month.

Staking: Selections will come in the form of a % which equate to a number of points from that bank. So 1.5% investment is equal to 1.5 points of that bank. Max stakes can happen on occasion and they are 5% of your betting bank.

Betting Banks: A 100 point betting bank is advised.

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