Colin Rhodes – Profitable Betfair SP Racing Tips

Colin Rhodes is a Horse Racing expert that specialises in advising profitable bets that can be taken at the Betfair Exchange using Betfair SP.

If you’ve experienced bookmaker restrictions or understand that profitable betting accounts can quickly be restricted then Colin Rhodes is a solution for you.

Colin has been settling all of his bets at Betfair SP minus 5% commission and since September 2018, he has made a 34.89 point profit @ 5.04% ROI from his first 652 bets.

Each of these bets has been proofed via the Tipster Street Network and they have now agreed to supply them free of charge to Smart Betting Club members.

As a subscriber you get access to the following…

  • Expert horse racing tips delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Tips available at the exchange meaning you’re not at risk of bookmaker restrictions.
  • A profitable service since 2018 with results independently verified by Tipster Street Network.

Colin Rhodes’ Profitable Record

Since 2018 the service has turned a profit in every single full year of operation…

  • 652 bets
  • 34.89 points profit 
  • 5.04% ROI

You can view the ongoing results via this Google Sheets link.

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Service Nuts & Bolts

About: Colin Rhodes is an experienced Horse Racing tipster who has been tipping winners at the Betfair Exchange since 2018. He finds his selections through a mix of his own horse ratings, horse race analysis and form reading and advises every single one of his tips at the exchange.

His strategy is easy to follow, has simple staking rules, requires a small betting bank and has experienced no heavy downturns so far. If you’re serious about making money from horse racing then you should seriously consider Colin Rhodes as an addition to your betting portfolio.

Bet Timing: Bets are sent out the day of racing, giving you plenty of time to get your money down

Bet Type: All bets are single bets to be taken at Betfair SP.

Bookmakers: Colin Rhodes advises every single one of his bets at the Betfair Exchange. 

Number of Bets: One tip per day, on occasions there may be two or possibly three. If nothing meets the criteria then no bets will be advised. He averages around 20 tips per month.

Staking: The vast majority of selections are 1pt win, but if everything aligns some will be advised at 2 points. The majority of bets are for 1 point level stakes.

Betting Banks: Colin advocates a 50 point betting bank for those following in his selections.

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