100% Independent Tipster Review Policy

The Smart Betting Club is proud to be 100% independent and fully focused on helping YOU – the ordinary punter make money from their betting.

This independent stance ensures we accept no affiliate deals, bungs or favours in exchange for writing positive reviews, unlike most, if not all other tipster review websites.

You will NEVER see affiliate links in any of our tipster reviews.

This is vitally important as many people are caught out these days by ‘free review’ websites who are inherently biased towards the services or systems they review. This is because they take a commission for every sale they refer to the tipster being reviewed, so you need to be very careful who you trust. Although their reviews are free, the advice and recommendations they give can be very costly!

Funded By Member Subscriptions

Rather than take a cut or a percentage of any sales to the tipsters we review, instead the Smart Betting Club service is funded by subscription fees to our service.

By joining the Smart Betting Club, you help to contribute to our continued independent stance and enable us to review more tipsters on your behalf. 

Thus providing you with full confidence that when we review a tipster positively, it is based on a genuine appreciation of their service and NOT because the tipster has paid us to say something positive.

It is a fully transparent model so as a member you know our reviews and recommendations are always 100% genuine.

(And if you want to know more about this – feel free to search for other tipster review sites and see how they link to the tipsters they feature. Very often they will use affiliate links such as from clickbank or their own in-house affiliate programs, which pay the reviewer a share of income if you join the tipster services they recommend)