Learn Professional Betting Fundamentals

The Pro Gambler Blueprint & Betting ‘X-Factor’ Guide

As a Smart Betting Club member you can also gain access to two key betting reports: The Pro Gambler Blueprint and The How To Get The Betting X-Factor Guide.

Both reports explain key betting fundamentals to help you think and act like a professional, winning punter.

Whether it be the tools and expertise to get your betting setup professionally OR the mindset you need to be a winning punter, these guides will help you every step of the way.

The Pro Gambler Blueprint

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is a massive 100 page guide, which will put you firmly on the path to becoming a full time betting professional.

It doesn’t matter what your betting interest is – it could be non league football, tennis, skiing or even tiddlywinks! Our guide will help you transform your approach to betting and explain to you the fundamentals behind making it a success.

The Pro Gambler Blueprint is split into seven easy to follow sections:

Part One: Solid Foundations – How to avoid common newbie mistakes by getting your betting off on the right foot.

Part Two: Money Matters – Betting bankroll management and how to maximise your profits.

Part Three: Mindset and What Makes A Winner– Key lessons on what really matters from betting pro’s.

Part Four: What To Bet On – Football and Horse Racing essentials.

Part Five: Being Realistic – Tipsters or Systems? How to decide what suits you best.

Part Six: You’re The Boss – How to develop your own betting niche and become your own expert.

Part Seven: Bookie Bashing – How to keep under the bookmaker’s radar.

It’s also jargon free so if you’re confused by betting terms such as Laying, Yankees and Asian handicaps – The Pro Gambler Blueprint explains everything in layman’s terms for the betting novice.

‘I Joined SBC Which Opened My Eyes’……

In 2007, I joined SBC which opened my eyes…I keep records of all bets and the records show I am slowly making money from using sensible staking plans.

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The ‘How To Get The Betting X-Factor’ Guide

As an SBC member, you will also gain access to a second special 54-page Betting Psychology Guide, entitled ‘How to get the Betting X-Factor‘.

Authored by betting psychology expert, Jeff Smith, his report serves to unravel what lies behind successful sports betting and ultimately help you adopt the mindset of a professional gambler.

Because after all, finding a good tipster is the easiest part (many of our Hall of Fame tipsters tick all the right boxes) but adopting the right mindset requires expert guidance.

Inside the report, Jeff also puts forward his own simple 4-step success formula when betting, which he outlines as follows:


Broken down into each part it makes perfect sense.

Get the winning strategy, stake correctly, stick to your budget and as long as YOU can handle the ups and downs of betting, then you will enjoy positive results.

Here is how the Smart Betting Club is setup to help you do exactly this:

  1. Strategy: We track 55+ of the best tipsters and constantly review new ones to put forward the best experts for you to follow. Finding the right tipster is the easy part!
  2. Money Management: Not only do we reveal the best tipsters, we also show you how to follow them correctly with our betting bank recommendations. Discover how much you can safely stake on each tipster to maximise profits and minimise risk.
  3. Capital: We all have different betting budgets, but we can help you whatever your starting point – whether it be following free tipsters or those that charge a little more. The key point is that any tipster you do follow offers value for money.
  4. You: The final ingredient is how you pull it all together and win the battle of the betting mind. Reports like the Betting X-Factor by Jeff and the Pro Gambler Blueprint will help you on this front.

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