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You can now sign-up to receive regular tips from Ice Hockey (NHL) tipster, Lucky Puck as a Smart Betting Club member.

This is an exceptional offer as the tipster behind this service has traded with some of the best US sports gamblers in the world. We have agreed a special deal to receive all of his NFL tips for the rest of the 2021 season and this is a fantastic opportunity to follow in a top class tipster making profits in markets you won’t suffer restrictions on.

To illustrate his prowess, we have a proofed record of 54 points profit @ 6.4% ROI over 680 bets from the past 2 NHL seasons.

He quotes his bets based on prices with the industry leading bookmakers – Pinnacle and his bets can easily be taken with them or any number of bookmakers, brokers or betting exchanges. You won’t suffer issues with restrictions or account closures with this tipster.

Odds will move at times and you will see he often beats the ‘closing line’ odds – the final odds offered before the game starts. This is a good sign as it shows we are beating the market and ahead of the game.

As a subscriber you get access to the following…

  • Expert NHL tips delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Tips available at all major bookmakers AND the exchanges meaning you can avoid account closures.
  • Expertise from a tipster that has traded with some of the best US sports gamblers in the world.

Lucky Puck’s Profitable Record

The Lucky Puck service has been in profit since 2019 with the figures making some impressive reading…

  • 729 bets
  • 44.87  points profit 
  • 5% ROI

You can view the ongoing results via this Google Sheets link.

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Lucky Puck’s tips are available to all Smart Betting Club members free of charge with each tip supplied via direct email.

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Service Nuts & Bolts

About: The tipster behind the Lucky Puck service has been a professional NHL bettor for several years and has traded with some of the best US sports bettors in the world. From an early age he grew up with a passion for hockey and has been betting from a very small age. Though experience in the market over a lengthy spell he has developed NHL goalie, skater and team models that consistently beat the sharpest books.  He compares and combines the models outputs, manual power rankings, market trends, injury news and his own expert opinion in order to come up with final target price and bets on a daily basis.

Type of Bets: You will see I often put forward ‘Moneyline’ or ML bets. For those unfamiliar – a Moneyline bet is the team to win (it includes Overtime and shootout as no game can end in a draw). As well as ML bets, I will also advise pucklines and total bets with enough liquidity in the market to ensure all members can place them.

Bet Timing: Most emails are sent late morning or early afternoon. Again, always several hours before a game starts. There are some team news plays added later in the day which may move quicker than earlier bets.

Bookmakers: Pinnacle, Matchbook, can also be catered for early bet365 and UK bookmakers.

Number of Bets: The service averages around 30 to 40 bets in a current average month. Sometimes more, sometimes less – it all depends on the quantity of value betting opportunities and the fixture list.

Staking: For this service and to keep things simple, the majority of my bets will be for 1 units staked. Occasionally he will advise 0.5 or 1.5 units, but the default is 1 unit staked.

Betting Banks: We advocate the following points betting bank sizes:

Higher risk: 30 points betting bank
Moderate (advised): 40 points betting bank
Safe: 50 points betting bank

Simply choose the points betting bank size that suit your risk preferences.

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