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Introducing The Inside Man Service

The Inside Man is a unique service in that it features the culmination of advice from a team of individuals who all work within the football and betting industry.

The service itself is led by one well respected betting expert who speaks to each of these connections to ascertain when and where certain elements of value can be found in football markets. These connections form part of a diverse group ranging from working scouts and recruitment people who work at a number of different clubs and across different territories.

They pass their insight onto ‘The Inside Man’ himself who then produces and finalises the actual bets advised based on all the information gathered.

In reality, the service should really be termed ‘The Inside Men’!

As a subscriber to The Inside Man you can gain access to all of the bets and write-ups for each game as put forward on a regular basis.


The Inside Man’s Tipping Record.

To prove his ability as a football tipster, The Inside Man supplied all of his football tips free of charge to Smart Betting Club members between January 2019 and the 14th January 2021.

It was a useful exercise as early on in 2018, this period as a free tipster allowed them to tweak the strategy in order to find the optimal approach to both 1) make a profit and 2) ensure this service was as easy to follow for those following the tips.

We can see the value of this approach as whilst a small loss was incurred in 2019 from 205 bets, 2020 fared much better with a 21.74 point profit @ 6.89% ROI.

All told, such a strong profit was made over the 528 free tips advised during this period, that from the 15th January 2021, a fee for access to his tips was introduced.

Overall, The Inside Man is down 1.52 points @ -0.24% ROI from 636 bets as per the table below:

For those of you wishing to explore these results further, you can access a Google Sheets spreadsheet via this link. This results spreadsheet will be updated on a regular basis (usually bi-monthly) with the latest figures.

The Inside Man Betting Bank Growth

We recommend 3 different points betting bank sizes for you to choose from if following The Inside Man.

Simply divide your starting financial betting bank by the points betting bank you feel most comfortable with and use that as your stake.

For example, if you begin with a £2000 financial betting bank and wish to take the higher-risk approach of a 30 point betting bank, your stake per point would be £2000 / 30 = £66.66

Below you can see how a notional £2000 would have grown over the lifetime of the service:

More About The Inside Man

To help showcase more on The Inside Man and the expertise behind the service, the lead tipster answered the following questions on his background, areas of specialism, bet type, placement and what you can expect to make following his advice:

Introduction: Can you talk a bit about your background in betting and pedigree as a football tipster?

I do the admin for a service that really ought to be called The Inside Men. It is a team effort comprising the efforts of working scouts and recruitment people within my professional network. They work at and with a number of different clubs and across different territories and the bets I administer for them are a product of the games they’ve been watching and the occasional bit of advice from me.

Betting Specialism: Can you explain more about these leagues and competitions you target and why you have an edge in them?

You can expect bets throughout the UK, in Spain in Italy, in South America and in international football – wherever one of the Inside Men has an opinion and an angle.

Bet Type: What about the type of bets and markets you focus on and why. What can members look to expect to receive from you?

We bet singles and the odd double in win and goal markets and Asian Handicaps on goals and results.

Bet Placement: What bookmaker or exchange accounts do you need to follow your tips in with?

You can place all our bets on the suite of bookmakers on Oddschecker and on the exchanges. Any doubles can easily be broken down to two singles instead.

Realistic aims: What kind of profit and ROI figure can someone realistically expect if following your bets?

Based on the historical record of performance over the first 2 years in operation, a ROI of between 3 and 5% long-term would seem sensible and realistic. This will always go up and down over short term periods but if you stick with it, the profits are there for all to see.


A Sensible Approach Required For Football Betting

Football remains one of the most popular markets to bet upon, yet equally one of the most difficult at times to turn a profit from. The amount of money traded on football ensures that many markets are very efficient and therefore finding true, value bets requires real skill and aptitude.

This is why football tipsters often operate to what in comparison to other sports such as horse racing and golf might seem ‘low Return on Investment (ROI) figures’ of usually between 2 and 4%.

Yet the reality is that such ROI figures represent a realistic return and when you add into the equation the fact that bookmakers are very unlikely to limit or close your accounts betting on major football competitions, its easy to see the appeal.

You can stake more and therefore win consistently without the fear that one big winner (as can be the case with horse racing) might see your accounts closed.

For many of the bets advised by The Inside Man, you will also be able to find good odds with the likes of Betfair, Smarkets, Matchbook or even ‘Asian’ firms like Pinnacle Sports for those of you who are able to bet with them.

SBC Football and services like The Inside Man are therefore here to offer a sensible, long-term approach to building football betting profits for those with the patience, disciple and staking to make it pay.

These services are not ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes but if following in each and every bet as advised, the long-term edge is there to be witnessed.


Service Nuts & Bolts

Here is how the service works:

Bet Notifications Via Email: As a subscriber to The Inside Man you will get all bets notified by email. A warning email is regularly sent in advance of a bet being supplied.

Bet Timing: Most emails are sent late morning or early afternoon. The goal is to give at least 90 minutes notice of any bet ahead of the fixture starting.

Bet Type: Bets are a mixture of single and double bets available with bookmakers. Some bets can be placed on exchanges although it is advised you have a range of bookmaker accounts also available.

Number of Bets: The service averages between 25 to 35 bets in a current average month. Sometimes more, sometimes less – it all depends on the quantity of value betting opportunities.

Staking: Stakes range from 0.5 point up to 1.5 point as a maximum bet. The majority of bets are for 1 point level stakes.

Betting Banks: We advocate the following points betting bank sizes:

Higher risk: 30 points betting bank
Moderate (advised): 40 points betting bank
Safe: 50 points betting bank

Simply choose the points betting bank size that suit your risk preferences.

How Quickly Can You Get Started? We aim to process all orders received within 1 working day, although usually we are able to process this much quicker than that.


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can also join The Inside Man with the peace of mind of knowing that you have a 30-day anytime Money Back Guarantee.

This states that if at any point during your first 30 days with the service, you would like a refund, then simply request this via email to and we will cancel your membership and send your subscription fee back to you – no questions asked.


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