Demetrio Giotti – The Professional Bettor Tapping Into European Basketball Profits

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Demetrio has built up a fine record of performance in his chosen specialty markets – Spanish and Italian Basketball, with regular, easy to follow bets that can be placed with Pinnacle Sports.

From his 656 bets in these European basketball markets, Demetrio has made a 209 point profit at 16% ROI.

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Demetrio Giotti’s Profitable Record

Since SBC started independently tracking the service’s results we’ve seen a healthy profit since 2016…

  • 664 bets 
  • 209 points profit 
  • 16 % ROI

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Service Nuts And Bolts

About: Demetrio Giotti’s expertise is in European basketball with a special focus in the Spanish and Italian leagues (ACB and Serie A). He concentrates on quality as described by the man himself ‘I firmly believe in quality over quantity and nowadays with the markets getting more efficient with every passing year, specialization is necessary to get an edge over the bookmakers’.

His goal is to deliver a service that is easy to follow with a low workload and, of course, steady profits. He uses qualitative analysis and game to game stats as the deciding factors when  choosing his picks.

Bet Timing: There is no fixed time for tips being sent due to games being played at different hours, days and sometimes time zones. His typical tipping window is 10:00 – 22:00 CET (Central European Time).

Bet Type: All picks are on the handicap and moneyline markets.

Bookmakers: Tips are available to take at Pinnacle mainly although will be available at other bookmakers.

Number of Bets: The service advises around 15-20 bets per month during the European basketball season.

Staking: All stakes are 1 or 1.5 units for bets on outsiders and 2 or 3 units for handicap bets.

Betting Banks: All bets are based on a 100 point betting bank

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