Frankly, Excellent: 2023 End Of Year Update For Quentin Franks Racing

When the transfer window opened in January 2023, most managers were scrabbling around to find a replacement right back or a striker who could transform their fortunes.

Not us. Here at the SBC, we announced one of our biggest ever signings as Quentin Franks joined the SBC stable as one of our Premium Tipsters!

All Weather specialist with the results to prove it!

We say ‘one of our biggest signings’ as Quentin is approaching a decade of profitable tipping which has resulted in him being considered as one of the most respected judges in the industry.

Since he arrived, Quentin has delivered, with 168 points of profit and a 10.09% ROI recorded in 2023 up to the end of November.

As you can see from his long-term record, this is nothing out of the ordinary – there is a reason he is so highly thought of!

This remarkable level of consistent profits has led to 1040% Return On Capital (ROC) for those following Quentin in since he started his service, and when he joined SBC, we worked with him to make slight adjustments to the operation including:

  • a fair odds policy where prices are only cited if available with three major bookmakers
  • a fair recording policy where any dramatic early price drops are reflected in results sheets (along with Rule 4s and no BOG applied)
  • a membership cap to ensure that followers can get prices
  • a stipulation that followers cannot bet on exchanges in the 30 minutes following on from tip release

These policies have worked. Long-term followers (and Quentin himself) have commented that price sensitivity has dropped considerably, with members able to get advised prices with much more regularity than they could before.

We have increased the membership cap as the year has gone on, with small increments used to ensure that everyone gets a good deal!

End of year analysis

With 2023 nearly over, we have taken a deep dive into the statistics behind Quentin Franks Racing to provide extra detail for those considering whether it is for them.

This piece of analysis provides us with a large amount of insight as we take a look at the finishing position of Quentin’s selections, with their average prices:

Quentin Franks Racing: Finishing Positions & Average Prices* 

*99 denotes any data that was unmatchable in our databases

This year’s profits (168 points at 10.09% ROI) have been obtained from relatively ‘long-priced’ winners (0.2pts above the overall mean) and we can also see a higher overall average price for all selections in the table above.

The prices of those finishing 2nd and 3rd was also something that caught our eye. Both are longer than their respective means, with those finishing third being a full 1.56 points above the average.

With this being a win only service (where variance is inevitably high), this data tells us that the ‘close calls’ and ‘near misses’ this year were dramatic, with a much higher ROI (and profit level) very much within reach. For those of us who have followed Quentin’s selections’ race-by-race this year, this theory has definitely been borne out with so many long-priced runners coming close!

Find out more and sign up for 2024

Quentin Franks Racing’s service page expands on this analysis, providing information about the record, average prices, finishing positions and much more.

For a limited time only, another batch of membership places will be made available. You can sign up to this excellent service here.

We will keep this window open until the new spots are filled but please be quick, as previous opportunities to get signed up have been extremely popular!

As ever, if you have any questions, please get in touch.