RACING: Frustration…but a winning week!?!

I mentioned it recently, and I think last week my fears were realised.  Reading Sunday’s emails from both Bet Alchemist and Northern Monkey, it would seem that Saturday was a nicely profitable day for both.  As you know if you’ve been reading these posts, for the next three months or so I’m not able to place bets on Saturdays.  I guess it was only a matter of time before I suffered as a result by missing out on good profits.

The situation was made even more frustrating by the fact that both Bet Alchemist and NMP had losing weeks for me overall, albeit only just in the case of the latter.

Onto brighter things and another good winning bet for the Bookiebashing Racing Tracker.  Not a winner from the four horses that made up a Lucky 15 bet, but all four placing meant a profit of just under 16 points overall.  I’m steeling myself for something of a ‘correction’ here, as running at the 109% ROI level I’m at right now is unsustainable.

So all in all, thanks to that Lucky 15 bet, a profitable week.  So why am I feeling frustrated?  Sure, missing out on profit on Saturday is annoying, but it’s hardly the end of days is it?

Bet Alchemist (100pt bank): Staked 97pts, -15.067pts, roi -15.53%, roc -15.06%, High 0pts, DD -15.067pts, Max DD -24.338pts

Northern Monkey (80): Staked 149pts, -29.622pts, roi -19.88%, roc -37.02%, High 0pts, DD -29.622pts, Max DD 37.618pts

Racing Service 1 (40): Staked 9.75pts, +1.46pts, roi 14.97%, roc 3.65%, High 2.71pts, DD -1.25pts, Max DD -2pts

BB Racing Tracker (100): Staked 138pts, +151.06pts, roi 109.46%, roc 151.06%, High 151.06pts, DD 0pts, Max DD -13.388pts

Racing Totals: ROI 29.23%, ROC 35.09%

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